GoPublish is the UK’s number one software package for optimizing the design and print publishing process.

“For the past eight years we’ve been using GoPublish Review and GoPublish Workflow for reviewing, repro and production management. Not only is the software exceptional value for money – providing savings with resources and a streamlined workflow, the support we receive is always first rate.”

Barry Davison, John Brown Media


Integrate your creative and print production workflows to deliver huge cost and time savings and transform profitability.

Adobe Creative Software Integration

The best designers use Adobe creative software to publish amazing work, so we’ve engineered GoPublish to work naturally with both Creative Suite and Creative Cloud to give you the optimum working platform.

Anyone can flat plan with GoPublish

No more printing off and stuffing folders full of out of date content! GoPublish has a central place for everyone to log in and collaborate on flat plans.

Drag and drop across the flat plan

Ever wanted to move content quickly from one page to another? Now you can. Quickly.

It saves hours reworking designs, cutting, pasting, reformatting and all those other painful slow-me-downs. It’s how flat planning should be.

Proof and review your work before publishing

Produce better content faster by managing the whole design, review and publishing approval process all from within your Adobe software!

All your collaborators can view the latest plan online, making sure everyone sees the latest version to ensure advertising and editorial is correct.

See the software in action

Request a GoPublish demo right now and see how to centralize your publishing process, reduce costs and make your staff happy!