Add Attachments to Comments and Markups

Hey everyone, going to love this new feature!It’s super natural and streamlines the process of creating new versions of designs.


This whole new proofing dimension will transform the way you collaborate on work.

When you're working on a design and you need a replacement image for example, what do you do? You can ask for it on email, if the file is small enough. Or wait for it to be shared via Dropbox or other file transfer product.

Either way, it takes collaborators out of GoProof and creates a separate trail which can’t be seen in the review audit.

That’s not great, right? So we’ve made the world a better place by letting you add attachments directly to the comments you make on a proof.Just think how easy it’s going to be to share and receive assets like:

  • New logos from clients
  • Fresh image ideas from collaborators
  • Correct res images to replace poor ones
  • PDF briefs and project instructions
  • Adobe CC templates
  • Copy passages and spread sheet data

The file quantity, file types and file sizes are only restricted if your GoProof package limits it. Files are available to download, so you can comment on them within the review itself. 


You can add files to new comments as you make them, or to existing comments afterwards. For new ones, you’ll see the Add Attachments button underneath the comment area in the revamped comment box. Click this and the file upload area appears. Drag in or browse to your files and hit Save. That’s it.For existing ones, you’ll spot an orange attachment icon in each listed comment in the Comments tab on the right of the proof now. If there are files attached, the icon will have a number alongside it. Click the icon and you can download any existing files and upload new ones. 


No more Dropbox. No more emailing attachments. Why have 3 disjointed systems when you can have a single integrated one?


Happy proofing


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