Adobe Creative Cloud Designers Can Mark Changes as Done or Not Done and Give Reasons Why

Sometimes Adobe Creative Cloud designers need to use their expertise and give their opinion on collaborator requests. That’s what they’re being paid to do after all.

They should be able to mark changes as Done or Not Done and give reasons why, not just have to suck it up and do as they’re told.

As review rounds are completed and returned to designers, change requests that come back from collaborators or account managers can be inventive, clever or a necessary evil (aka boring).

But others are so far out there it’s not even worth considering whether they’d work or not.

Either way, every single one should be recognized as a valuable contribution to the creative journey, inspiring the final design to be as amazing as possible.

That’s why we’ve created our new OPTIONAL workflow that gives the designer the chance to mark changes as Done or Not Done, with the ability to say why if they didn’t do one.



When changes to the proof are sent to the designer they land automatically into the GoProof Adobe Creative Cloud extension panel with a Not Started status.

The designer then steps through each change one-by-one in the panel, either making the change and selecting Done or, if there’s a potential issue, choosing Not Done.

If Not Done is selected, a comment box appears for them to say why they feel it’s not going to work in the design. It’s a free type box so the designer can give a quick-fire reason or flesh it out as much as they want.

When they’re ready, they send the next proof version for review in the usual way.



The designer comments for Not Done changes are shared back to the collaborators (or to the account manager if the account manager workflow is being followed) when the next proof is opened.

A button appears in the Comments tab to the right of the proof inviting them to VIEW CHANGES NOT DONE, which jumps through to the previous version in the History tab where they are displayed.

Having considered the measured opinion of their creative designer, it’s then up to the gatekeeper or the account manager to figure out what do next.

This could be an agree, overrule or reimagine depending on the situation. And there may still be change requests that are still in the Not Started state - i.e. not even considered yet by the designer - which may influence a decision that could ultimately be based on a ton of creative or commercial reasons.

Communication. Collaboration. Playing to everyone’s strengths and considering all the options. That’s how to produce the creative work that whacks brand campaigns out the park.

And designers can get on with what they do best.


Happy proofing

The GoProof Team


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