Approve faster than ever before with Fast Track Sign-Off

During every creative and marketing team’s journey to launch, the hope is to approve faster than ever before. Fast Track Sign-Off™ could be the answer.

Your stack of proofs is sky scraping. And some proofs are well past the detail stage, just needing the right eyes on them so you can ship them on their way.

Frustrating. We get it.

Fortunately, GoProof online proofing software has the perfect solution to make those proofs evaporate in a flash.

It’s the jump to hyperspace for getting creative work signed off and is called Fast Track Sign-Off™.


It couldn’t be easier for designers to activate Fast Track Sign-Off.

For Adobe Creative Cloud proofing using the free Adobe CC add-on, the option is on the first screen where you add details and files. Just check the box to turn it on.


If you’re proofing PNGs, PDFs or other export files using the Uploader, the same option appears on the second screen underneath the email Message box.

It’s that easy. And you can be flexible by choosing whether to activate it or not every time you send a proof. “Hey, let’s fast track this one through.”


So, how does it work for collaborators?

Well, remember only Gatekeepers can sign off proofs, so make sure the right people are set up for it first.

Gatekeepers see a change to the right-hand side panel next to the proof when they land on it. There’s an overlay over the top with two buttons: SIGN OFF NOW and ADD COMMENTS.

The proof itself is fully visible, as are all options across the tool bar at the top. If the Gatekeeper is happy to sign it off without commenting or using any tools, it’s just a simple click on SIGN OFF NOW and it’s done. No need to do anything else. Next stop Review Dashboard.


If closer inspection is required, Gatekeepers click ADD COMMENTS and continue proofing in the regular way. Clicking on the proof or on the tool bar will also cancel Fast Track.

Collaborators can power through the proofs using Fast Track. And it’s great for top execs who haven’t got time to scrutinise work (and let’s face it, you don’t want them to) but you need their sign-off to move forward.

You need Fast Track Sign-Off to be super fast. And it is.



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