Ask a Question, Add a Mention

Finger tapping. Thumb spinning. Staring into space.

That awful experience of sitting around waiting for feedback on creative designs.

Waiting is mind-numbing. Just 10 minutes can feel like forever.

It’s time to reduce time.

GoProof has two new ways to help inspire incredible design and get the approval process wrapped up faster than ever before.


Say hello to proofing tool number 9 in the GoProof rucksack: The Question tool.

You’ll find it at the bottom of the ADD COMMENT drop-down list on the proofing toolbar labelled with a simple question mark icon.

It’s a perfect way for one collaborator to directly tag another, asking them to come straight into the proof and give an answer, opinion or decision on a comment.

The Question is like a combination of a Push Pin and our popular Nudge feature.

When you add a Question comment on a proof, the comment box appears as normal but it’s pre-populated with the @ symbol, which is the trigger for the drop-down menu with collaborator names to be displayed.


This menu allows you to select who you want to ask or mention in a comment and send them a notification. It’s great. You can tag as many people as you want by retyping the @ symbol and picking from the menu again.

Publishers and Gatekeepers can use this function to invite new collaborators as well, saving them from using the right-hand sidebar instead.

Remember, you can have unlimited collaborators in GoProof, so get tagging!


The Question tool uses @Mentioning technology to directly notify and invite collaborators to join a proof.

@Mentioning is awesome.

It’s simple to use and drives faster and deeper collaboration for everyone, taking creative teams to a new level of engagement with clients and colleagues.


So guess what? We’ve rolled it out across all our comment types. Now collaborators can be hooked into proofs faster, giving designers and account managers the feedback they need to produce amazing creative work.

And it can be used in Replies to comments, making conversation threads more dynamic and immersive.

Collaborators receive a notification by email as soon as they are mentioned. They just click the link to go look at the proof right away.

Sure it’s like Nudge but @Mentioning is more targeted, as the mention is made within a specific comment rather than just generally on a proof.


You can drop your mentions in a super-accurate context and choose to only engage collaborators at the point or place where it really matters. Neat.

Get mentioning right now!


Thanks for all your feedback as always - and don’t forget we’re at Adobe MAX on booth #520. Come and see us, we’d love to meet you!


Happy proofing.

The GoProof Team


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