The best proofing software and collaboration platform for Adobe Creative Cloud

Best proofing software and collaboration platform for creatives and marketing teams. That’s our mission.


The best proofing software and collaboration platform for Adobe Creative Cloud designers and marketing teams.

That’s our mission, and as we look at 2019 so far, we’re sure pushing hard in that direction.

Our latest video gives us the chance to highlight some of the huge breakthroughs we’ve made in improving creative collaboration this year. Take a look and see.

We’re constantly evolving and the video is already out of date, right - the joys of marketing - but you’ll hopefully get the pain points that we’ve managed to solve with our software during the past few months.

GoProof is about offering real depth of functionality in the key area of creative proofing and review, fused with an Adobe® Creative Cloud® bloodline that provides the most immersive Adobe integration around.

That’s where we push the boundaries and invent stuff. Just ask Adobe and they’ll tell you.

Talking of Adobe, here’s a great quote from their co-founder Dr. Charles Geschke which inspires us here.

"Our only real cleverness was in the perception of what was happening, and in being quick enough on our feet to take advantage of it.”

Dr. Charles M. Geschke, co-founder of Adobe Systems Inc., now Adobe Inc.

We try and work as fast as we can to create what our community needs right now. And many of our developments come from customer requests and ‘if only’ statements, which is awesome.

So you’ll see in the video there are some product spotlights of recent rollouts. One of the biggest we’ve done this year is our InCopy Workflow, called GoCopy, created for Adobe InDesign® and InCopy® users.

It’s a cloud-based workflow system for graphic designers and copywriters to collaborate closer than ever through the GoProof cloud, taking the Adobe flow a leap further and making it accessible for wider-market creative teams - big, small or freelance.

If you haven’t read it yet, check out our free InCopy ebook and learn more about what we’ve done here.

Some teams, however, don’t have copywriters using InCopy. We spotted this and created a simple editing function for collaborators to add and change copy on InDesign proofs directly through our web app.

The GoProof Copy Editor cuts out emailing text all the time and creates a collaborative trail for all versions and input from colleagues. It’s perfect for short copy bursts and quick header changes.

Looking across our expanded gamut of community demand, we talked up on video production and how it has been a core part of the marketing creative mix for some time now.

This drove us to introduce video reviewing with Adobe Premiere Pro® integration to help producers share videos for review from their Pr timeline. At the same time we made it possible to share MP4s and animated GIFs for review using our file uploader

And in another workflow design called our Manager Workflow, we’ve made the real disjointed task of getting creative approved with your creative team and then clients or stakeholders and then externally in one joined up process easy.

If you’re an account manager in a creative agency or just need to up-chain a proof once you’re happy with it, then this solves all your email, file and collaborator headaches.

There’s so much more inside GoProof now. Little enhancements like designers rejecting change requests with comments, proofing web pages and email campaigns and allowing collaborators to sign off proofs directly from a notification email with images on it are now naturalised.

Go have a good look around - and if you’re new to it, take a free trial with full support from our Customer Success Team.

Happy proofing everybody.


Quote source:, 2008

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