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Bonfire Creative Intelligence transforms its approval process with GoProof


Bonfire Creative Intelligence has been in business for 17 years; the two directors Jason and Steve set up in 2000 and we’ve been servicing Bosch, one of our biggest clients since 2011.

Some of the trouble we had with the way we were proofing before which was typically write a PDF and email to a client who would then forward it to somebody else, to somebody else, to somebody else internally...

What we started to find was that version control is becoming quite difficult, so actually what we ended up doing was spending a lot more time on things than we really needed to.

We were looking for a central version controlled proof that we can share with people, there's no doubt about which version it is and there's no doubt about who's seen it and what the comments were there either.

And the really appealing thing to me at first about GoProof is the fact that you consolidate all the comments in one place.

It helps the client as well because they worry about spending too long on projects and efficiencies and accuracy. They worry about the same things we do as well, so GoProof looked like a really good answer to all of that.

And the other thing I really liked about GoProof was the ability to attach files. For example, if a director reviewing the newspaper can say ‘Actually, use this image’ you can just attach it and send it back now.

It basically removes any of the potential debate about who said what and when and shows the history of the job.

We do lots of digital advertising, lots of banner advertising and I’ve noticed that GoProof now supports artboards, multiple artboards, which is something I haven't tried yet but that would save us a heck of a lot of time.

I think what we’re finding at the moment, getting used to a new system is taking a little bit more time but then we're saving quite a lot. For example with the internal newspaper we’re getting amends consolidated.

If it took a day, I think it would have taken maybe two days the old way, which would have been a hand mark-up with ambiguity; it's ‘What does this say’ and ‘How do you spell that?’...

It’s halved the time on one set of amends I can make an honest comparison with.

One of the things that I liked about GoProof as well is that you could set reminders and deadlines. That’s fantastic, and that’s fantastic for our clients as well because it’s less work for them for the same result.

It’s so easy to use, it’s actually easier than marking up a PDF! And as far as I can tell it’s the best one around at the moment.

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