Buy GoProof and get all Oppolis Cloud functionality bundled in for no extra charge

Buy GoProof and Get Oppolis Cloud Included

GoProof online proofing software is part of the Oppolis Cloud, a suite of creative tools and workflows that combine together to save creative and marketing teams a phenomenal amount of time and effort.

And from now on, when you buy GoProof, you get the whole kit bag of Oppolis Cloud functionality bundled in for every user you purchase a licence for.

Sweet, huh?

There’s so much more to benefit from with the Oppolis Cloud. And the best part? You can use whatever you want, whenever you want. No sweat. It’s all included.

The user flexibility is incredible. Think how many times one of your projects demands a rethink or a reassignment of personnel to create different assets, such as a show guide production instead of a digital banner.

Now you can do all your proofing as you would do, but you can also take advantage of extra power like multiple designers being able to work on the same InDesign document and copywriters changing text on designs by themselves and seeing their changes in context right there on the document. 

If someone just needs proofing right now, no problem. Someone else might need the whole stack right away. No problem either. They can drift through the Oppolis Cloud however they want, breathing in the air from any product as they go.

Oppolis Cloud
Access any or all Oppolis Cloud functionality whenever you need it

The way you buy GoProof now has changed, to bring into line with this new blitz of extra functionality that’s included.

Instead of GoProof licenses, you’ll be purchasing Oppolis Cloud licenses.

That’s the only difference. The price is still exactly the same as it has been, we’ve just thrown in a heck of a lot more software for you to share between all your licensed users, as we know your team will benefit from it in the long run.

There’s a full list of FAQs on the pricing page too, so you know how to buy and what to expect once you’ve activated your licences.

One of those is the exceptional support service our Customer Success Team provides.

Every package comes with email, phone and chat-based support starting right from onboarding assistance with web-based training for everyone.

We’ll get you and your team going without any stress and if it’s out of office hours, you can tap into our help sheets and videos whenever you need to.

We hope you enjoy the new Oppolis Cloud functionality that now comes with GoProof.

Reach out to our team with any questions or activation requirements. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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