Proofing for Web Pages and Email Templates

Collaborate on Email Templates and Web Pages in GoProof

At the turn of 2019 we asked you for suggestions on what you’d like to see coming into GoProof to make it broader and better.

Huge thanks to everyone for your awesome contributions.

We’ve been working on them hard since and here’s the first request rolled out in the latest release, bringing another media dimension into the proofing mix.

Web page and email template proofing.

It’s a simplified workflow, allowing web designers and marketers the chance to share websites and email designs that may or may not be publicly visible yet - and do so in GoProof projects alongside document and video creative.

Here’s how to send them.

In the file uploader, you’ll find a new option to Enter a Website URL underneath the file drop area.


Tap in the website address of the page you want them to visit first - or a public share link for an email template - and it will preview the page below you.

When you’re happy, just follow the usual steps and send it for proof. That’s it, done.

Now here’s the process for collaborators.

They receive the standard email notification to alert them of the proof and click through to view it.

When they arrive, the proofing zone is transformed into a functional browser window, allowing them to scroll and click on the live digital content. Cool.


Commenting here is slightly different to documents and videos to allow for the browser window immersion. You’ll notice there are no proofing tools across the top.

Over to the right there’s a new ADD COMMENT button. Rather than placing tools on the proof, collaborators tap this button to enter their comment and reply to each other with further feedback.


Once the gatekeeper is happy, they hit REQUEST CHANGES or SIGN OFF to action the proof as normal.

In the Proof Dashboard, web proofs appear next to all other media. They will have a standard image label of WEB PAGE to clearly separate it from others.


And that’s it, another addition to the media scope within GoProof. Thanks everyone for your feedback. Please keep it coming.

In the meantime, go ahead and collaborate on websites!


Happy proofing,

The GoProof Customer Success Team


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