Compare Proof Versions in the Blink of an Eye

Collaborators can now compare proof versions in the blink of an eye

At GoProof we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in our online proofing software for Adobe Creative Cloud. Collaborators being able to compare proof versions in the blink of an eye is another incredible feature released in the latest version.

We’ve been building deep integration Adobe CS and CC extensions for over 15 years, always delving for evolutionary ideas to convert into new features and goals.

Some of them make headlines, others just marginal gains under the hood.

But the sum of all parts is massive for enhancing style, simplicity and productivity along the whole creative journey for designers and collaborators.

As well as how you can compare proof versions in the blink of an eye, here are a few examples of some recent features that stretch the ROI in GoProof even further.


Customising Account Managers on Projects

Some marketing teams, especially creative agencies, like to run through an approval process internally first.

In this workflow managers vet work before sending it on to the end client or department and depending on the project, the account managers involved may vary.

GoProof provides flexibility here by having account manager customisation at project level as well as client level, giving designers the freedom to add and remove account managers from projects

Project Management

Every second counts when it comes to productivity and we’re cutting as many of them out of the creative timeline as we can,

Inside InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator CC with your GoProof Adobe CC panel open, you can multi-select files and documents from drive locations and add them straight into your project in GoProof.

There are two ways of sending proofs from a project, depending on how you prefer to work. The classic is to send a proof on its own when you’re ready to rock and roll.

The other - which saves a ton of time for designers or account managers - is to send all the work you have inside the project in one batch. Kaboom.


Collaborators receive a single email notification to drop them straight onto their Review Dashboard, which is auto-filtered to show just the proofs from that project.


Editing Copy on InDesign CC Proofs

One of the biggest features in GoProof is the Copy Editor for InDesign CC. It allows collaborators to edit copy on proofs and see a preview of what their changes would look like - without needing an Adobe CC licence.

Passages of copy can be long with text boxes continuing over a number of pages. Designers can set a precise paragraph within a text box for collaborators to make their edits, so they don’t have to wade through a sea of words to find out what they can change. It puts the cursor right on the correct paragraph.

Different character styles made are obvious to the collaborator too. They appear in red to stand them out from the regular font, so they know to take that into account when making edits.


And last but not least... compare versions in the blink of an eye

Making a task fun is one of the best ways to take the stress and boredom away, so there’s always room for neat trick or two.

We know comparing work is majorly important to collaborators. It’s obviously needed for specific before and afters but it also presents a chance to get back into the headspace of the whole project when a new version comes through; a chance to summarise the project timeline.

Blink Compare is a quick and neat way to switch the view from the current version to the previous one. Toggle it backwards and forwards and check what’s changed.

It saves having to have two versions side-by-side and you can see the changes in their exact position - like switching layers on and off in Photoshop.


Happy proofing

The GoProof Team


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