Welcome to Oppolis, the creative work management software ecosystem for global marketing teams and Adobe Creative Cloud users

Creative work management software for global marketing teams

Welcome to the home of creative work management software, designed for global marketing teams and Adobe Creative Cloud users.

The new Oppolis website is the launchpad for the whole range of Oppolis products in our ecosystem, explaining how it has grown into one of the most relied upon suite of partner apps, workflows and plugins across the marketing content creation and Adobe Creative Cloud user community.

The Oppolis ecosystem is an interconnected world of modular apps and plugins all seamlessly working together as one.  It’s easy to reimagine your workflow as one of pure perfection, saving time and effort for your entire workforce. 

Here’s a taste of what you can expect when you choose Oppolis to help your team thrive and drive. 

Make your creative workflows and team collaboration better.

Project intake, project management and review & approval software for creative and marketing teams

Project intake, project management and review & approval

Oppolis Cloud, our flagship product, is the ultimate way for marketing and creative teams to manage their creative projects, request new creative work, traffic assets around the team and collaborate on content.

Flexibility and customisation is key. Content can flow from a number of different start points, depending on the format and requirement, and Oppolis Cloud has it covered.

At the start of the content journey, teams can receive creative brief requests and submit it to managers using online project intake forms or the ground-breaking GoProof extension for Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative designers can even kick start jobs themselves in their Adobe app and link it to the project, so they can jump on urgent stuff right away and drop it into the project as soon as it’s done.

Managers easily create projects, jobs and tasks to get things moving, using multiple views and filters for quick access to work. 

This drives everyone to stay organised and on track for deadlines and sign-off points, ensuring the right resources are being utilised and assets are stored where everyone can access them.

Content trafficking or routing is easy once it arrives, thanks to our world-leading creative review & approval workflows.

Managers can manually send content for review to teams, external clients, coworkers or stakeholders whenever they want from the project dashboard.

Automated proofing workflows provide a slick alternative, with all stages sequentially planned out and set up beforehand. 

As soon as content lands, it automatically routes to the first stage and is cycled through change requests and resubmits until approved at sign-off.

With all the other features like web-based document copy editing from across the Oppolis ecosystem available for activation, Oppolis Cloud has the power to transform your team productivity.

Simplify your proofing, editing and creative collaboration with GoProof

Online proofing workflows and collaboration

One of the world’s most deeply integrated creative review and approval systems for Adobe Creative Cloud documents, videos and more, lies within the Oppolis ecosystem.

GoProof, our recognised market leader for online proofing workflow and collaboration, allows creatives to share their work for review and get change instructions back without needing to leave their native Adobe app.

Collaborators on the creative journey don’t need a copy of Adobe Creative Cloud to access the work.

They just use their web browser or smartphone app to review it, giving feedback and instigating actions using simple but powerful tools. 

For collaborators, it’s totally free and unlimited to use.

Content traffickers and other co-workers can use it too, routing non-Adobe work in PDF, JPG, MP4 and other formats through the platform to gain asset approval from departments and clients.

GoProof is a core feature of the Oppolis ecosystem. Teams collaborate better together, up to 50% faster once they start using it and don’t look back.

GoPublish helps publishing design teams work simultaneously on large page document layouts

Remote collaborative working on magazine and catalogue layouts

GoPublish got the Oppolis party started over 20 years ago and has continually evolved through time to service the needs of remote design and editorial teams across the world.

Coming from the heavy layout background right from the time when Adobe InDesign was first launched, GoPublish provides extended functionality to plan and assign pages across publishing design teams for collaborative working.

Take magazines and catalogues. Each feature spread may have a separate team member working on both the design and the copy. They may take up say 5 pages from a total magazine issue count of 120 pages.

The 5-page feature will need to be worked on and completed at the same time as all the other features, so the issue deadline can be met. Which means everyone needs to work as a team to get it done on time.

This is where the GoPublish extension steps in, allowing all the designers to have access to the main InDesign document, securely checking out and checking in the pages which they need to specifically work on locally.

The extension allows managers to easily move page positions around, allocate pages to be sold for advertising and allocate images for retouching or extra production work elsewhere in the studio.

It’s total flexibility and control for publishers, simplifying the content fusion and journey to release.

Simplify the design and content evolution of your corporate reports for everyone

Collaborating, editing and tracking changes on the evolution of annual, interim and other corporate reports 

The process of producing corporate reports is well known for being hugely daunting and time-consuming. 

Oppolis puts that reputation to bed with Corp.Report, the new gold standard workflow for agencies, clients and stakeholders to collaborate on reports created using Adobe InDesign.

Corp.Report combines three fundamental elements needed for today’s report production: remote collaborative access to documents, a choice of copy editing workflows and advanced tracking of content changes.

Everyone utilises the shared cloud access to documents to monitor and review the progress with reports. 

Designers can lock out pages and sections while they work on them. At the same time, copywriters can be allocated text frames within the document to submit their fresh copy or make edits.

Copywriters have the option to use Adobe InCopy to do this, which we link in real time to Adobe InDesign in the cloud, or they can choose remote web authoring instead if they just want to use a web browser.

In both workflows, when the content is submitted to the designer, our advanced change tracking system called SuperTrack synchronises and logs all the activity, so anyone permitted to can see exactly what has changed since the last version.

This fluidity and ease of access makes the whole experience so much better and turns an annual responsibility into a proud team collaboration.

Designers and copywriters work closer than ever before using GoCopy

Cloud collaborative editing for multiple users on Adobe InDesign documents

General editing of copy on Adobe InDesign documents is a super-fragmented workflow for most people.

Local file transfers, Word documents, email threads, PDF exports and out-of-date versions combine to create the perfect storm of anti-productivity.

The GoCopy workflow fixes this by reimagining the Adobe InDesign and InCopy relationship and making content transfer seamless in the cloud.

Graphic designers using InDesign and copywriters using InCopy install the GoCopy extension into their app and the two connect in the cloud.

Designers can allocate text frames on their documents to multiple copywriters using baskets. These baskets are groups of writers who can then access the content and lock it out to themselves for editing.

When the writing is done, they submit the copy back through the extension and the designers accept it right back into their InDesign document.

It’s so simple and takes away all the administrative headaches in moving content around, pasting in copy from separate systems gives writers the chance to see the latest design refreshed in front of them.

Do what you want, with any Adobe InDesign version you want, whenever you need to with GoVersion

Easily save and restore document versions from inside Adobe apps

We know from experience that one of the most dysfunctional areas of any graphic designer is in the version saving process.

You just can’t get to them easily and why do you always need the version you never seemed to have saved?

Enter GoVersion to make saving, restoring and sharing Creative Cloud documents a walk in the park.

The GoVersion extension panel works with Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator documents. Its catalogue functionality creates links to all your versions in one neat layout inside your app.

No more ‘Save As’ and no more renaming documents. Just fast and easy access to any version you want from right inside your design document.

Do what you want, with any version you want, whenever you need to.

Metafix stops your document size bloating by stripping out the redundant metadata in your files

Strip out old metadata from your documents and reduce file bloating

Oppolis has an extension for Adobe InDesign called Metafix that stops your document files getting bloated in size, which causes frustration right across the graphic design community. 

It’s a monster problem for designers in the publishing and advertising industries who produce large page count content such as catalogues, magazines and brochures.

Old redundant layers of metadata - or more accurately ancestry data - pile up on files in the background without it being obvious to the user.

The result is a hidden bloating in the document size, often adding 100s of megabytes to it which impacts performance and slows down the creative process.

Once installed into Adobe InDesign, Metafix opens automatically whenever a document is saved, showing a list of all the image files used on that document and where huge percentage reductions can be made.

In just a couple of clicks, the Metafix extension for Adobe InDesign strips out the old metadata and shrinks the size down to where it should be without any loss of quality or resolution.

Superpowered change tracking and reporting on Adobe InDesign documents

Track all edits and changes on documents in microscopic detail and export PDF reports

SuperTrack changes the tracking game on Adobe InDesign documents with enhanced visibility and visualisation of all text edits in one powerful plugin.

Used as a stand-alone product or as an integral part of Corp.Report, SuperTrack tracks edits in microscopic detail and logs them, minimising errors and keeping everyone in tune with milestones and save points.

It extends the functionality of InDesign to deliver blacklining and markup visualisation, such as underlining and highlighting of copy edits, whilst logging who it was who made the edits and when.

Stakeholders can analyse the data to see a full list of changes and be able to filter and sort by date range and user.

The PDF report export function completes the jigsaw by allowing users to generate reports of the document with sticky notes highlighting every change. 

With SuperTrack you can save milestone versions of your content at important points and gain the confidence to know you can refer back to them for clarification in the future.


Our mission at Oppolis is to continuously innovate sustainable new workflows that empower creative teams to produce content from anywhere in the most efficient and effortless way.

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