Customize GoProof into your own brand, with themes

Customize GoProof into Your Own Brand with Themes

We get it.

You don’t want to present our name in front of your clients and you want to take all the credit for the awesome proofing platform you are giving to them.

It’s cool! Seriously we don’t mind. In fact, we love it.

So much so that we’ve created Themes in GoProof Enterprise, our multi-user system,  so you can do just that.

You can customize a ton of assets and functions to transform GoProof’s appearance and turn it into your own brand.

Combined with email template re-styling and domain customization, Themes finishes the full brand experience and clients will truly think GoProof is yours.


Here’s just a snapshot of what we can do with GoProof when we’re ‘white-labelling’ it for you.

We’ll split it into four key categories to make it easy to understand.


The super-obvious asset is our logo in the top left corner, so you can change that to your own. And you can change the color of the the stripe underneath and menu bar icons to match your brand, so you get an instant identity change at the top level.

On the main buttons and links, instead of our orange and green you can choose whatever colors you want for the background and text.


This is the main area collaborators use when they are proofing work, so own it!

To make the client experience personalized, you can change the colors of the tool and navigation icons, the tab headings, comment box outlines and more.



You’ll notice the Review Dashboard contains a few subheader items within it. These act as links to other parts of the system and as a quick way to filter the information displayed underneath.

We can make these fit your brand by matching the colors to the main links buttons in section one, for example.



This is great for internal use. It means you can totally customize the page where your colleagues log in to GoProof to share and manage proofs.

Or a flipped way of looking at it is we’ll give you the code for the login form so you can enable it wherever you want.

On top of all this, GoProof Enterprise also supports subdomain placement, so you can create your own custom web address. An example here would be

Happy proofing!

The GoProof Team


Themes is available right now as a bespoke option for Enterprise (multi-user) packages.

We’ll get it all done for you, so you can stay in the creative zone and not worry about the technical stuff.


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