Cyan Group Impresses Clients with Proofing Software

Cyan Group impresses clients and saves time with GoProof’s online proofing software


I’m Graeme Smith, managing director of Cyan Group. We are a print management and promotional merchandise distributor and we've been trading for 20 years now.

For me, I'm constantly challenging our processes and how we want to best manage our clients and our own time. One of the efficiency areas where I was noticing a real stumbling block was in and around the proofing process.

Historically, we would print off a proof, have an attachment, an email that we had to send over to the client - they’d print that off, check it against their running sheets, check it against the documentation that was sent with the proof - They would then, if it was approved, sign that, scan it in and email it back to us. And all that just took a lot of valuable time and actually invariably would put the delivery date and delivery time under a bit of extra pressure.

So by using GoProof, where it's all available online, nice and easy, simple to use, ultimately the sign-off process is so much easier for the client that it was a no-brainer for us to explore it.

The response from my clients ultimately has been really, really pleasing and I think it’s given us a lot of confidence in the marketplace with our clients.

They’re seeing that we are keeping up to date with technology, that we are keeping up to date with what's available in terms of making their lives easier.

And it really reflects on our client that we do care about their time. That it's important to us.

So we’re keeping an eye on compliance and consistency but we're trying to make our clients’ lives as easy as possible in the process.

We would certainly recommend it for our competitors and and colleagues in the industry to support and get behind the system.

I know I have found the benefit of using it, our clients have found the benefit of using it and I think the industry would too.

GoProof just ticked all the right boxes for us.

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