Enhanced Designer to Manager to Client Workflow

Enhanced Manager Workflow Brings Transparent Collaboration for Everyone

Three-way proofing. Sounds great, doesn’t it!

If you need to carry out internal or pre-client review cycles first, then our manager workflow is for you... and it’s just had a summer upgrade.

We’ve mapped out and enhanced the key area of the internal reviewing process, enriching the collaboration and traceability within it.


Just for clarity, a manager is our general term for a person who sits between the designer and an external client or third party, who is the end collaborator.

When a manager receives a proof from the design team, they may ask for some changes to be made and a new version submitted. This may happen several times until they are both ready to show it to the client or third party.

The client, however, doesn’t need to know how many times this has happened and is just waiting for their v1, v2 or whatever is due next in the approval process.


We’ve created a simple new way to improve visibility whilst keeping people’s noses out where they don’t belong:

  • Designers start working on their first version, which is v1.1 and send it to their manager.
  • If the proof is rejected by the manager, they start working on v1.2 and then submit that for review.
  • This process continues until the manager is happy to send it to the end collaborator, who receives the proof as v1 in the normal way.
  • If the end collaborator requests changes, the designer starts working on v2.1, then v2.2, v2.3 and so on until the manager presents the proof to the collaborator as v2.
  • The cycle continues, until the end collaborator eventually signs the proof off.

This new versioning process gives total visibility for the manager and designer to easily track how many iterations there have been internally, as well as how many there have been externally from clients and third parties.


On top of the new workflow and versioning, managers can now express their opinions more easily.

Previously, managers wouldn’t carry out a full commenting review of the proof. If they were unhappy, they would just reject the proof and type a quick reason why in the reject box.

Now, their proofing zone is fully enabled with the entire stack of proofing tools and functionality that an end collaborator would have, helping them inspire creativity and drive the commercial goals of projects more clearly.



We know how important it is to look back over the evolution of the proof throughout the creative journey.

For managers, this now has two dimensions.

In the History tab in the proofing zone, managers can see all the proof versions shared by the designer all listed together, with the blink compare and other features fully enabled.

The status of each proof is clearly shown with an icon, so at a quick glance you see all the internal versions racked up with the end collaborator ones.

And importantly, only the managers and the designer can see the internal versions.

The History tab view for end collaborators is exactly the same. They are sweetly unaware of all the versions in between their own, keeping them shielded from the deep detail and experimentation that goes on when producing amazing creative work.


If you’d like to find out more about the account manager workflow, you can book your own demo right here:


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