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Find Proofs Faster with the Advanced Search in GoProof

A ton of proofs? No sweat. Here’s the one you want.

Introducing the new Search function in GoProof, destined to make collaborators access proofs faster.Search sits on the Proof Dashboard just above the stack of proofs and has both a quick and an advanced way of working.

If you want to get to a proof real fast and know the name of it, just start typing it in the search field until it appears underneath. Home run.

The advanced function is for deeper dives on proof details, users and comments. To open it up, click the down-chevron arrow at the right hand side of the search field.A panel drops open to reveal all the search options available, allowing for awesome combined searches to be made.


So, imagine your collaborators need to search for all their projects within a date range of January through March 2018 to see what went on in Q1. Easy.

Or for any comment on a proof that had the words ‘replace logo’ in it - with at least one file attached - to get a handle on when the new logo starting rolling out in their creative. Again, all totally doable using Advanced Search.

They can even search on which proofs were enabled for the Copy Editor function to see which ones they may have changed. Awesome, huh?

Combined with the filter and sort options, Search provides collaborators with the power to cut out the scrolling and drill right down to the proofs they want superfast.

Go spread the love!


Happy proofing,

The GoProof Team


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