Why You Should Be Using Adobe InCopy In Your Content Creation Process eBook

Free eBook: Why You Should Be Using Adobe InCopy In Your Content Creation Process


So we’ve done some digging into a major frustration of a ton of creative design and marketing teams we talk to. And these teams often have pretty tight workflows already.

It’s around the area of content creation and collaboration, specifically for teams using Adobe® InDesign® to produce digital and print layout work.

We’ve done all the research and hard work into this space for you and have produced a free new ebook called Why You Should Be Using Adobe InCopy In Your Content Creation Process to help you get your head around it.

It seems that too many creatives are missing a trick and falling down a black hole when producing content. And this applies across any sized team, not just the big guys with multi-channeled workflows.

The black hole is in the synchronising and placing of copy on the InDesign template and the collaboration of this combined content right through to publishing.

In just this one specific area you’ll be astonished at how much time and energy you could save, compared to what seems to be considered the normal workflow right now.

Our (hopefully!) educational ebook talks about the importance of Adobe® InCopy® and how it’s being majorly underused in the creative journey. InCopy has the power to plug this black hole.


It’s where copy gets shared with designers via separate emails, Word documents, Google Docs, Dropbox links and loads of other methods that breaks apart your carefully integrated process up until then.

Collaboration can exist here and we’ll tell you how to easily simplify the whole process and make it continuous and seamless right through to the end.

In addition, we’ll reveal some neat workflows and tips for users, along with a general overview of how InCopy works, who should be using it and advice for both copywriters and designers to work closer together and improve the health of their relationship.

After reading the ebook we hope you will be able to picture your creative timeline without this frustrating void at the point of copy exchange and review.

And importantly, as some of you may have had an experience with InCopy in the past, we talk about InCopy from a perspective firmly rooted in today’s creative world, not the past 30 years, when things were quite different.

It’s a must-read for all creative teams, marketing departments and agencies using InDesign.

Grab your free copy right now and if you have any questions afterwards about what you’ve read, reach out to our Customer Success Team and they’d love to help.


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