GoCopy cloud-based Adobe InCopy workflow

GoCopy, the Oppolis family name for our cloud-based Adobe® InCopy® workflow

Recently we announced a whole new dimension to our proofing and collaboration ecosystem. One that would invite a new department within creative teams into the combined GoProof journey.


Or more specifically in this case, Adobe InCopy users.

So now, say an official hello to our new product formally known as GoCopy.

For GoProof users, it’s commonly known as our InCopy Workflow and there’s no change to the way it works.

Under the Oppolis hood though it can work on its own. For that reason, it’s got its own family name of GoCopy.

GoCopy is seamlessly interlinked with GoProof through the Oppolis Cloud, which also contains our other family products GoPublish and GoVersion.

The Oppolis Cloud is one complete world of creative publishing and collaboration, where you can pick whatever modular products you want to configure your perfect system.

Oppolis Cloud

GoCopy is ideal for copywriters and publishers who love to write directly onto the InDesign document and get instant visibility. This removes the need for constant PDF swapping or the classic ‘guess and hope’ scenario on whether copy is going to fit or not.

And it’s centralised in the cloud, which is huge. This means we manage all the distribution and exchange of content, pushing the regular Adobe InCopy workflow forwards from where it sits right now.

Through our cloud, InDesign and InCopy content is:

  • Always accessible for everyone
  • Always on the latest version
  • Inclusive of the latest copy
  • Available for universal collaboration
  • Restorable to any previous iteration

Hey, it’s time to love InCopy again! If it didn’t work for you in the past, it probably will now.

And it’s not just for big companies, as we’ve made it a breeze to use for any type of business or freelance operation.


The latest GoProof extension for Adobe Creative Cloud already contains the GoCopy functionality within it. To give your InCopy users access to the GoProof workflow, you just need to buy and activate the licences.

The licence is the same as a Proof Sender / Publisher user but with the extra InCopy functionality on top. Our sales team can help you specify which existing or new users require this and our customer success team can help with roll-out or implementation questions.

Enjoy GoCopy!

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