GoProof is CompareCamp’s Rising Star of 2019, Wins Award

GoProof is a certified favourite online proofing software program on B2B review platform

Hey it’s always nice to get some recognition for what you’re doing, right? 

For us, it helps the whole team stay focused on our online proofing software mission, our customers and what’s important to everyone outside of our business.

So we’re stoked to announce that GoProof is being hailed as CompareCamp’s Rising Star of 2019. 

GoProof received the Great User Experience Award from the respected B2B review platform.

It’s an awesome achievement for us, as receiving praise from industry experts on our efforts to help the community always gives you a welcome boost. Huge thanks to CompareCamp!

CompareCamp is a B2B review platform with dedicated industry experts that provide transparent and credible evaluations of software currently available in the market.

All SaaS reviews are scored and authored with business users and their needs in mind.

GoProof received the Great User Experience Award for effectively providing online proofing tools that have advanced features for collaborators, searching, customisation, and archiving.

Our software impressed the CompareCamp experts by providing a platform that allowed for an unlimited number of collaborators with a matching activity timeline that updates all participating users per latest drafts, submissions, and edits.

Experts particularly noted how easily customisable and flexible all the features in our online proofing software are.

CompareCamp experts also declared GoProof as the Rising Star of 2019 among all proofing programs currently available in the market.

GoProof received such distinction because it's the most well-received and highly recommended proofing software among CompareCamp users.

Users raved over how GoProof made it easy for users to get feedback from different collaborators and team members.

You can read the full expert review of GoProof tools and features right here on CompareCamp. Thanks guys!

Award Winner, Great User Experience, Online Proofing Software

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