GoProof is now part of the Oppolis Cloud

GoProof is now part of the Oppolis Cloud

We’re stoked to announce GoProof’s position as a core app in the Oppolis Cloud ecosystem.

The Oppolis Cloud is one big happy family of products that transforms the way marketing teams design, collaborate and publish content.

The Oppolis Cloud is deeply immersed in Adobe® Creative Cloud® integration, channeling shortcuts and productivity gains for users of InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and Photoshop.

It has the power to reimagine creative workflows and the modular makeup of products seamlessly gel together to empower the creative journey. Here’s how it breaks down.


The formal name for the GoProof InCopy workflow, GoCopy provides unrestricted, always-on cloud working for Adobe InCopy and InDesign users to share content and manage versions without emailing files or storing them locally.

Use GoPublish to plan and assign magazine, report and catalogue page layout designs to creative teams to work together on, whilst also tracking advertising sales activity and extra production work schedules.

The ultimate version saver. Forget searching folders to find Adobe Creative Cloud documents. Bank, compare and restore versions in a clear and intuitive grid from within your Adobe app with GoVersion.

The most deeply integrated creative review and approval system for Adobe Creative Cloud documents, videos and more, allowing creatives to share work for review and get change instructions back without leaving their Adobe app.

The Oppolis Cloud, used by the The Guardian, Wilson, Ogilvy, British Lawn Tennis Association, Toronto International Film Festival and more, offers scalability for all types and sizes of business.

Its broad foundation lays a wide gamut for teams to customise their ideal creative and production workflow, all hooked into the go-to Adobe Creative Cloud apps that the majority of creatives use.

If you just use GoProof, no problem! There’s absolutely no change to its identity or any difference in how you use it, so you’re good to carry on as normal.

There’s a ton more functionality on the way and we want your suggestions for more! Feel free to share an idea if there’s something you’d love to see added or enhanced. Your feedback is vital so we can improve your productivity even more.

The Oppolis Cloud is here, and GoProof is at the heart of it.

Create better together. Oppolis Cloud.

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