Helping creative teams adjust and stay productive through the COVID-19 pandemic

Helping creatives stay productive during the pandemic

Creative and marketing teams experienced change like never before over the last 18 months, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The drastic changes to place of work, team interaction and the overall work routine has bombed in a rethink for many people on how they are going to operate.

It’s unsettling. Creative team productivity was seriously under threat through no fault of anyone.

These life changes impacted the way individuals collaborated with colleagues on projects, which in turn had a knock on effect on time-sensitive tasks such as approving artwork and digital media for release.

Back in 2016, GoProof online proofing and collaboration software was released to the market to streamline creative workflows and improve collaboration on marketing projects. 

Our early vision was for GoProof to aid businesses in their digital transformation, sustainability commitments and emerging work-from-anywhere culture adoption through cloud-based processing of creative tasks. 

We wanted our customers to have the power to reduce paper trails and encourage deeper and wider stakeholder engagement throughout the creative journey. And the centralised cloud-based platform we developed provided barrier-free access to everyone. 

And during the pandemic, this has proved to be worth its weight in gold. 

Our job was to be quick to help existing customers and new prospects who were suffering with these issues and convey the key ways GoProof would help solve them. 

Fortunately, our customers are continuing to hit their productivity goals and have removed the risk of communication breakdown thanks to GoProof.

Their teams are seamlessly co-working on projects from isolation and can easily rely upon GoProof's review ecosystem to connect their designers with copywriters, decision makers with global team workers and brands with agencies.

Projects are staying right on track with no interruptions.

So then there’s the planet.

The topic of sustainability that has rightfully grown in importance during the pandemic.

Learn some top tips on proofing sustainably from home in our free ebook

In the summer of 2020 we produced our free ebook 7 Top Tips for Proofing Sustainably from Home, releasing it on Earth Day to augment the benefits of #stayhomesavelives with a sustainable climate change message. 

In the ebook, we demonstrated how GoProof can be a short and long-term remedy for global teams of all sizes who are experiencing pandemic change - but were also aspiring to use this opportunity as a chance to reset their own vision and responsibility for the future. 

Something that’s close to our hearts.

Everyone at Oppolis is proud of how we have helped customers adjust and stay productive over the pandemic.

We’ve onboarded new customers including Kettle Foods, Games Workshop, Savills (UK) Ltd. and ensured our existing customers continue to thrive in an unprecedented environment.

If you’d like to learn more about how GoProof can help teams collaborate on creative work from anywhere, contact us today.

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