Improve the quality of proofs from InDesign and Illustrator

Improve the quality of proofs from InDesign CC and Illustrator CC

Here’s a quick tip to improve the proof quality when sharing directly from InDesign CC and Illustrator CC.

To do this you need the free Adobe CC add-on, which is available to download and install from the Adobe Add-on Store. If you don't have it yet, here's the link

Get Adobe CC add-on

When using InDesign and Illustrator there are now three resolution options to choose from:

144dpi      300dpi      600dpi

The default is set to 144dpi but you can change this in the add-on.


Open either InDesign or Illustrator CC. From the top menu click Window > Extensions, open the GoProof add-on and log in using your GoProof account email and password.

Once logged in click on the fly-out menu button in the top right hand corner of the add-on panel window. Select Preferences. You’ll see the Set Proof Resolution options in the lower half of the screen.

You’ll see the Set Proof Resolution options in the lower half of the screen. Select your choice and off you go. All proofs you share from Adobe CC from now onwards will be at your new resolution choice!The higher res settings are great for more detailed copy, improving clarity when zooming and for seeing documents in a more accurate print-ready condition.

You can come back and change it again whenever you want and this is a local preference to your machine, so other GoProof Publishers can have different settings to you.

We hope this improves your proof experience!


Happy Proofing!


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