Increase design productivity by proofing Adobe CC design projects with GoProof

Increase design productivity by proofing Adobe CC design projects without exporting PDFs

Getting your creative journey super-efficient is on every marketing team’s list. One big step on that journey is to increase design productivity by proofing Adobe Creative Cloud design projects without exporting PDFs constantly, just to get feedback.

Exporting a new PDF every single time a change is made and then trying to share it with everyone at the same time - when you’ve only just asked them to view a different version a half hour ago. Sound familiar?

Cutting out the export process has been a designer’s dream for years. It’s a total drag and wastes so much studio time, especially with large, media-heavy projects.

Show live content openly for review without exporting all the time and you’ll see massive productivity gains. Think how often you’ve missed the subway ride home, or missed a deadline because you’re trying to get work seen.

And it’s now possible with Adobe CC because it’s cloud-based, meaning content is online and just needs to be hooked in and displayed in a place where latest versions are automatically updated.

Hey, it’s 2016! Collaboration is easier if done right. Give it a try.

Increase design productivity. Proof without exporting PDFs using the GoProof extension for Adobe Creative Cloud.


Happy proofing,

The GoProof Team


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