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Integrated video reviewing for Adobe Premiere Pro® CC timelines and MP4 uploads


Video reviewing has arrived.

And in true GoProof style, we’ve integrated it deeply with Adobe Premiere Pro® CC so you can send videos for review without leaving your Premiere Pro app.

The latest GoProof add-on for Adobe Creative Cloud includes Premiere Pro integration, so if you already have it installed you‘ll find it in the WINDOWS > EXTENSIONS menu when you open Premiere Pro.

When it’s collaboration time, simply use the GoProof panel to send your video for review in the same way as sending a document. We’ll do the rest.When it’s time to get feedback, send your video for review using the GoProof extension panel in the same way as you would if sending a document from Adobe InDesign® CC. We’ll do the rest.


Collaborators see the video presented to them in a classic video player format within the familiar GoProof window and can use our unique wide range of proofing tools to make comments.

We’ve even added something new just for video. The RANGE feature allows collaborators to drop a comment on the timeline at one point and then stretch it to another, indicating a period of time rather than a just a frame.

It’s great for saying things like ‘we really need some narrative in this section’ or cutting out a passage entirely.

Once they’ve finished and request changes, the proof sender (video producer) receives all comments back into their Premiere Pro app and gets on with cutting the next version to share. All the versions are tracked in the History tab next to the proof as you’d expect.


So what if you don’t use Premiere Pro? We’ve taken care of that with our MP4 file uploader.

Once you’ve logged into the GoProof web app, click the UPLOAD PROOF button at the top, drag in your MP4 and follow the standard process to invite collaborators and share the video for review. It’s that simple.

The presentation of the video is exactly the same for them, so they won’t know (or necessarily care) where it’s been shared from. Awesome.

The new video reviewing platform from GoProof brings your print and digital media into one central place, making it easier for collaborators and a cinch for you to manage.

Go check it out and let us know what you think!


Happy proofing

The GoProof Team


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