Best Collaboration Workflow for Adobe® InCopy® CC

Introducing the new GoProof collaborative workflow for Adobe® InCopy® CC

Writing copy. It comes in so many guises.

The current Copy Editor in GoProof allows collaborators to make quick text edits on proofs, cutting out separate email trails and making content life a ton easier.

That’s awesome for many growing creative teams - but what about the process for more complex stories submitted by Adobe® InCopy® CC users? The kind that journalists and full-time copywriters write and submit for heavy duty publications?

It’s no secret that the current InCopy to Adobe InDesign® workflow process for submitting content is great but could be better, with the only solution seeming to be a massively overpriced and complicated system.

*Nodding your heads in agreement*

So, we fixed it.

We’ve created a watertight workflow that lets writers check their InCopy work into the creative’s InDesign® document through the GoProof cloud.

And they stay connected throughout the entire review and collaboration process of that document, editing and reviewing copy until it’s signed off.

Here’s what that means and why it’s time to celebrate.

The first thing we’ve done is taken away the age-old problem of sharing and accessing files. It was a pain, right?

You don’t need to zip and email InDesign files to your copywriters anymore when it’s ready for copy.

And - this is huge - they don’t need to be ‘linked to the files’. That’s right. We do all that messy disruptive stuff in the GoProof cloud, not on your desktop or server.

No more connectivity breakdowns because copywriters can’t get on the local network or someone in your team has stored files in a personal place where no-one else can get to it. Oh, and no need for VPNs.

Now, writers can check in copy and receive document updates from the shared Adobe InDesign® document wherever they are in the world, as long as they are connected to the internet. Good, right?

Want some more? How about versioning and reviewing without PDFs.

In the GoProof world, every copy check-in is received and version numbered in the proof sender’s InDesign CC extension. It’s so much better, as they can easily step back to a previous one if needed.

And on top of that, the InCopy writers can submit a new version of their copy at any time and the proof sender will see it appear in their extension. They add it into the document and send out a new proof to everyone. Easy.

Maybe best of all, the InCopy user now feels a much closer part of the whole creative process, rather than just being a copy dumper. They can feel the team, the collaborators and the whole circle around them.


The new InCopy workflow and integration is an add-on licence to your regular GoProof one. All the plugins are packaged within the GoProof Adobe CC extension, so if you want to unlock this functionality for any of your creative team, speak to our sales team right now to get a quote for your licences.

Here’s your chance to finally make InCopy and InDesign work together in perfect harmony. Isn’t that sweet.


Happy proofing,

The GoProof Customer Success Team

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