Introducing the 'Observer' role for GoProof

Introducing the 'Observer' Role which allows Collaborators to Proof without Commenting

We’re introducing the Observer role which allows collaborators to proof without commenting.

It’s a neat way for you to invite people to be part of your amazing Adobe Creative Cloud design journeys without asking them to comment.It sits alongside Reviewer (who can comment) and Gatekeeper (who can comment and sign off).

Sometimes you want clients or colleagues to see your designs so they can get onboard with the creative direction or you can put their minds at ease that projects are on schedule.

What you might not want to do however, is bring in a ton of polar opposite, subjective opinions on your work which throws the whole brief up in the air. We all know where this ends up. You are the design expert here and you’ve got the brief, right?

Dead easy to set up

Observers are real simple to introduce and you can add as many as you want.If you’re adding a fresh user to GoProof, select the Observer role type as you add them during the Send for Proof process. They will get an email invitation as normal.

GoProof Observer Role

For existing users you want to switch over to an Observer role within a project, Gatekeepers can make the change superfast using the side panel within the project review screen. Easy.

GoProof Observer Role

The Observer role is great for bringing harmony to your collaboration and gives a fresh experience to those who may not get to see your creative talents at work.

And from your project management point of view, you can use it for someone to monitor the journey in the background – like an account manager or creative director – so they can step in if comments are getting out of hand or rework time is going way beyond the budget.

Thanks for reading and we’re sure you’ve already thought of more ways to use the new Observer role for proofing without commenting!We want to hear your feedback, so please comment below or reach us on email.

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