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Log in to Slack, Asana and other software to share proof links as you send them from GoProof

Just recently in our GoProof online proofing software we rolled out a new way to share proofing links in Slack, Asana, Basecamp and more.

Our share links allow marketing and creative teams to access GoProof reviews from inside their Slack channel for example, making it much easier to engage collaboration right across the organisation.

It helps teams to dive deep on proofing functionality using GoProof’s rich tools and workflow options from within their day-to-day system, without having to worry about checking emails. 

Cutting out emails is one of the main reasons why companies choose to use general team collaboration software like Slack

And our online proofing software’s share links help to keep collaborators working from their primary app like Slack, which is perfect for them, as they only occasionally need to drop into GoProof to review work. 

These links give collaborators a universal direct line from their main app, making it a much more natural experience for them.


Since the initial release in January, we’ve now expanded the functionality so you can grab a share link at the point of sending out the proof. 

Here’s how the ‘share as you send’ feature works.


Once you’ve uploaded the files you want to share for proof, you’ll notice a new layout on the next screen where you pick your collaborators to send to.

Get share proof links when using the intake file uploader

Top right of the screen is the option GET SHARE PROOF LINK. Check the box and the three options will appear, allowing you to choose the security of your link.

For universal, unrestricted links to share in your Slack channel, Basecamp project or whatever, choose the Anyone option. Hit the COPY LINK button to clipboard it and there you go.

You can now paste that link wherever you want at the same time as pushing the standard GoProof workflow out via email notifications.


It’s a similar process for sending proofs from inside your Adobe app using the GoProof extension for Adobe Creative Cloud.

In the Send Proof wizard on the choose collaborators screen, the same option appears in the top right corner. As above, just choose the option you want and hit COPY LINK to get the shareable link.

Get share proof links when using the GoProof extension for Adobe Creative Cloud

Get sharing those links out and make it even easier for your team members and external collaborators to access and approve your work!


Thanks again to our incredible customers for your feedback. We love it! 

Please keep it coming and help us shape a proofing future built around your ever-expanding needs.

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