Make Adobe Creative Cloud content more accessible without buying more CC licences

Freelance designers, marketing agencies and other creative professionals get offended when everyone around them is asking for copies of Photoshop or Adobe CC. They all seem to want it!

Listen, you don’t become a creative legend overnight. If you did, then hats off to you. It takes training, attention to detail and a brain full of creativity to make your work stand out and get results.

What is important here though is your colleagues need to see your creative work as and when it suits them so they can approve it efficiently. If they don’t have Adobe CC, then it gets harder straight away.

You’ve got to figure out a better way of doing it. Online reviewing add-on software for Adobe CC is a great place to start.

Web portals offer a peer into Adobe CC without buying CC licences and access is always open once shared. As it’s browser based you can use your iPad to make comments, making it more convenient to do.

Suddenly you can manage smooth, amazing creative projects.

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