Manage your users at the right time and place

Manage Your Users at the Right Time and Place

Hey guys, we’ve rolled out an easier way to manage all your users - during proofing. We’ve put it where you really need it the most.In the GoProof web app, you can make changes to the people involved in the proof using the side panel next to it.

It’s a clean layout that’s simple to understand, showing you who is involved in the proof round and what their role is, i.e. Gatekeeper or Reviewer.

GoProof Create Users Panel 1

Managing users is simple to do. There’s a new toggle field to switch between adding individuals and groups of people. You can quickly remove anyone using the minus sign and you’ve got a Save As Group option to save new groups as you build them. This button will trigger a field to add a name. Hit enter to save.

Gatekeepers can change user roles really easily now. Just select their current role type and change it to another. This will auto-save as you do it. And as an added slice of info there’s the Details link, which drops down contact data for that person if you need to reach them right away.

We also wanted to help you see progress quicker, so we’ve improved the status view. You’ll see some colour icons underneath names with a status next to it. These tell you where users are at with their proofing round.

GoProof Create Users Panel 2

Dates and times are stamped when actions are carried out. You’ll see them pipe separated from the status. It gives a snapshot right there but look out for new KPI reports coming soon which will use this data with other performance stats.

And lastly, if anyone is still in NOT SEEN or SEEN status and your project timeline is creeping, use our Nudge email link, so they just get on with proofing already!

We hope you enjoy the new way to approve amazing Adobe CC work and thanks for all the feedback. We look forward to your comments, keep it coming in on email!

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