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We’re stoked to launch our free new ebook Taking Creative Collaboration to the Next Level.

As a kind of follow-up to our previous 7 Ways to Transform Your Design Approval Process, this ebook dives into deeper, more advanced ways to make your creative approval process super-efficient.

If you’re a designer or a collaborator you must take a few moments to read it, as it highlights a ton of workflow shortcuts, Adobe Creative Cloud proofing tricks, accelerations in proofing time and a load more.

Did you know you can share and deliver assets files directly through our Adobe extension and proofing platform, cutting out the need to rely and connect to external asset management systems?

Or how about empowering your creative designers to mark work as done or not done, giving them the chance to express why they felt a change request wasn’t right to carry out?

Explored in our ebook, these are just two examples of how workflows and team optimisation can be transformed through some simple but mind-blowing improvements.

If you have any questions about any of the chapters in this ebook you can speak to our Customer Success Team through or over Chat.

We’d love to hear from you.

Happy proofing!

The GoProof Customer Success Team

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