Reviewing and collaborating on creative work just got clearer

New DONE button for clearer collaboration and proofing

Hey all, we’ve got a new DONE button! Seen it yet? It sits in the top right corner when you’re looking at a proof.

Reviewing and collaborating on work is clearer now. Your decision making is more informed and the team approval process becomes way simpler.

The button will show different options depending on what role you have within the review.

Done Button Observer

Observers get a simple DONE option as they can only look at work and not make any comments on it.

It’s basically a close button but doesn’t block the review path, so they can always come back and look at it again later.

Reviewers get a choice of two. The first is the CLOSE option functioning as above and the second is COMPLETE.

GoProof Done Proofing Software Collaboration Reviewer

COMPLETE is for when Reviewers (or Gatekeepers) have made all their comments and are happy to say they’re done with giving feedback. It lets everyone know ‘I won’t be adding anything else’ so there’s no time wasted sitting around.

For Gatekeepers, the full menu opens up as you guys have awesome superhero proofing power!

SEND BACK is used to tell Adobe CC designers, client account managers or anyone else who is in charge of the artwork that the comments have been made and work needs to be done.

GoProof Done Proofing Software Collaboration Gatekeeper

Gatekeepers can send work back at any time during the review process, even if some Reviewers are still looking at it. It’s their call.

The last option is the big one. When Gatekeepers are happy with the proof being reviewed they select SIGN OFF, which finalizes it and ends the proofing process completely.

No further versions or comments can be made after this. With power comes responsibility!Let us know what you think of the DONE button below. We look forward to your comments and keep reaching us on email with feedback and ideas.

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