New Selection and Countdown features in GoProof

New features take GoProof’s website proofing experience to the next level

The website proofing experience in GoProof online proofing software just gets better and better.

Only last month we launched our new-look website proofing interface, which built on our original platform to create a simple way for collaborators to review and approve web-based creative and marketing content in one place.

Now we’ve taken website proofing to the next level with an August 2021 upgrade that includes two new proofing tools.

The usability for collaborators is effortless and enjoyable, amplifying engagement and generating a genre of collaboration on web content that teams may have never experienced together before.

Website proofing works by taking snapshots of web content and making those grabs available for open commenting and collaboration. 

Currently, you can use the Window snap tool to grab and instantly save a complete image of that browser window. 

Often, however, you just want to zero in to give feedback on a particular part of the web page, like an image issue or a formatting error on a paragraph of copy.

Our Selection tool is just the ticket to make laser focusing a walk in the park.

Selection tool for laser focusing on web content items

The Selection tool snaps the window and then creates a custom box area for collaborators to position inside that window.

To choose it when viewing a web proof, they use the default WINDOW button at the bottom which has been enhanced to include a new fly-up menu option for Selection.

Clicking Selection automatically takes the snap and creates the box area. They can easily drag the box around to where they want it and use the axis points to shrink, enlarge and reshape it. 

This way they can fit it over the exact content they want to talk about.

Then it’s just SAVE to begin commenting on that selection. If it needs changing, no problem, use START OVER to re-snap and reposition.

So that’s the Window and Selection tools now running side-by-side. But what if you want to activate a function on that website page before taking the snap? 

This is where our second new feature comes in handy, called the Countdown.

Countdown allows collaborators to set a 3-second delay before the snap is taken, giving them a chance to interact with the web content before the shutter clicks.

Set a 3-second delay before taking the web proof snap

It’s great for when a menu item needs to be revealed, how items change when hovered over and what happens straight after you click an action button.

And it works for both Window and Selection snaps.

The countdowns are chosen using the same WINDOW button. The fly-up menu has the 3s delay options for Window and Selection. 

With Window 3s chosen, clicking SAVE starts the countdown. For Selection 3s, the countdown will start when collaborators click this from the fly-up menu.

In a flash, they’re easily commenting on website functionality like never before.

No more hacky grabs with scribbles and then emailing or file-dropping them around individuals, teams and departments.

Try these new website proofing features in GoProof and feel the collaborative difference right away.

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