Adobe InDesign CC Proofs All Text Boxes Editable

One Click to Make Every Text Box on Adobe InDesign® CC Proofs Editable for Collaborators

Here’s a great new feature for the GoProof Copy Editor for Adobe InDesign® CC.

The Copy Editor allows proof senders using InDesign CC to make text boxes on their document editable by collaborators in GoProof.

They can change copy inside these boxes for themselves and see what their edits would look like on the document.

So for example, if they were undecided on what the best headline would be for an eBook chapter, or what the most powerful quote would be for a team image, then they can try them out in its native environment with the images or graphics and get a real feel for what works best.

And what’s cool is it’s all done through the GoProof browser interface, so they don’t need an InDesign CC licence.

So here’s the great news: proof senders can now quick-select to make all the text boxes on an InDesign CC proof editable.

To do this, open up the GoProof panel from inside your InDesign CC document and click the Stories tab.

Now there are two buttons here to create a story. Say hello to the Add All button!


Simply click this button, give your Story a name and hit Create.

Then sit back and watch all of the text boxes on your document instantly appear in your Story. Hey presto.

And don’t worry, if there are some you’d like to exclude you can always delete them from the list using the trash can icon.

So rather than building them up one by one, you now have the option to add all and then take some away. It’s a huge time-saver and simplifier, especially for those bigger documents and reports that are a drag to work through.


The rest of the process is still the same, so carry on and send your proof as you would do normally. Remember to enable your collaborators to be editors in by clicking the green T symbol on the CHOOSE COLLABORATORS tab.

Go save some time!


Thanks to everyone who has requested this. We love your feedback.

Happy proofing

The GoProof Team


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