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Online proofing has established itself as a must-have productivity workflow for creative and marketing teams.

We’ve been successfully building online proofing software for years now and when we look back at how our features and workflows have changed since then, we realise how far we’ve come and what the market now expects.

So we felt the time is right to dive fathoms deep into online proofing and give you true insight into what you should be looking for, as we charge into the next decade.



Our first ebook called What is Online Proofing? looks at the origins of online proofing. It explores what drove the development of software to simplify, regulate and automate workflow and collaboration for creative and marketing teams.

Why is online proofing so important? Well, there are some key places to start that involve a ton of paper.

We’re hitting the 20s. We’re in an era where increased scrutiny is being placed on sustainability and ESG impact, so regular paper use and wastage is definitely not at the top of everyone’s list, right?

That’s just one clear reward of an online proofing workflow compared to an antiquated paper-based one. This ebook looks at loads more.

How do you know if you need online proofing software? What checks or evaluations can you perform in your own work environment that can help you figure this out?

Our ebook uncovers the real detail on the common issues creatives without online proofing software are experiencing which is slowing them down and making life way harder than it should be.

It identifies the key gains and fixes the software brings with it, so you can get a taste of the future.

One of the key questions everyone asks is who benefits the most from online proofing software? Read our ebook and find out. We crush it right down, looking at industries, sectors, job titles and key responsibilities for those involved.

We look at both sides of the creative fence, so whether you’re sharing proofs or collaborating on them. Two equally important areas if an online proofing workflow is going to work and embed itself as a natural part of the core business operations.

And, not forgetting this is a purchase after all, we bring to the surface the major return on investment (ROI) of online proofing software and how you can measure the value, both financially and through productivity.



We’ve zeroed in on the actual operation of an online proofing workflow in our second ebook.

Entitled 7 Steps to Successful Online Proofing, we condense down the workflow stages into 7 key tasks or milestones which teams should expect to adopt.

These can vary for sure, depending on team structure and whether the collaborators are clients or just internal stakeholders. But this 7-step path is solid across most workflows and is the perfect place to start.

It submerges into the importance of user roles and how to assign them to collaborators to keep the process in line with the business hierarchy and optimise it through time-saving techniques like apportioning deadlines and critical points within the review.

And a crucial part of the 7-step journey that gets airtime in this ebook is whether the online proofing software has integration with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Learn how so many extra wins can be achieved here which add even more value and ROI. Find out how designers and video producers can easily receive back their comments, edits and change requests into their pallet ready to create their new revisions.

Our 7 Steps ebook captures the essentials for online proofing and is a must-read for all creatives and marketing professionals.


One thing’s for sure, online proofing wouldn’t exist without something we share with the community. Creativity.

Creating new solutions and find ways to streamline proofing workflows is in our DNA. This wouldn’t be possible, however, without our favourite type of collaboration: getting feedback from customers.

Our customers help us shape the future of our software. They tell us what they need, what they don’t, what makes their lives better and what sucks. The ideas are fresh, pertinent and totally reflect the direction that the market is heading.

This priceless feedback is a tier one line item in our road map for GoProof development, triggering us to highlight the priorities and relegate the not-so-awesomes.

We’re in the business of solving pains and making gains for the creative community. We love our customers and they love sharing their proofing problems with us, because we fix them!

You can read a ton of examples of the kind of detailed feedback we get from them right here on Capterra, a well-respected review platform run by Gartner Digital Markets. You can get a feel for the depth of detail and consideration we immerse ourselves into.

Online Proofing Together We Create
GoProof and the creative community works together to see the future of online proofing


At GoProof, we don’t just engage with customers about online proofing through inbound requests or support services.

We like to meet and talk. Get to know. Understand the emotions creatives go through trying to get their work done and laddered down their recent list. We do this at as many events and customer sites as we can.

In Los Angeles, CA there’s a couple of awesome user groups for Adobe Creative Cloud users. One is the Los Angeles InDesign User Group or LAIDUG for short. We’ve been sponsoring them for a couple of years now and they’re celebrating their 14th Anniversary right now.

We’re stoked to announce we’re sponsoring a session from another user group in LA. The LAdobe User Group, led by Adam Bell, is staging a post-Adobe MAX show called Discover InDesign’s Best New Features on November 6 and we’ll be there to hang out with a ton of talented Adobe users.

The super-engaging Anne-Marie Concepción is conducting a tour of all the new Adobe InDesign 2020 features released at Adobe MAX, along with a few sneaks that weren’t.

We’ll be there to interact with everyone, understand what their biggest proofing challenges are and work out how we can address them through the GoProof ecosystem over the coming months. We love this stuff.

If you’re around LA, please come and say hi. It would be great to meet you.



Just one last comment from us! We hope you enjoy reading our online proofing ebooks and get a ton of thought-provokers from them.

If you want to talk about anything with us, reach out to our Customer Success Team and we’ll be right with you.

Happy proofing!

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