Marketing and creative teams can stay together with GoProof online proofing software

Using online proofing software helps creative teams stay close together

GoProof online proofing software leads the market in helping marketing and creative teams review work with collaborators from home or wherever they are. It’s what we do.

We’ve recently won awards for Expert’s Choice, Great User Experience and Rising Star and are constantly improving and enhancing our proofing software based on real feedback from our customers, ensuring the marketing community gets what it needs to create better together.

In light of recent events due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, we’re doing everything we can to give value back and support this awesome community who may be experiencing difficulty and uncertainty right now. 

Specifically, we’re thinking of those marketing and creative teams who are adjusting to the familiar yet strangely unfamiliar - and in some cases very surreal - home working environment.

Working from home can be lonely. But it can also be hectic, crowded and noisy with a ton of distractions going on.

When saving a new version of a document, Adobe InDesign (and some other aIf you’re not set up for it, straightening your back every 10 minutes because of leaning over the kitchen table to reach your laptop is not fun. And trying your best not to go to the fridge every time you do that is even harder. 

We know one of the biggest challenges for all businesses right now is making sure everyone still feels together and part of their team, like they were sitting next to each other in the office at 9.20am catching up on projects.

GoProof empowers this feeling of close connectivity and warm team huddles.

Wherever you are and whatever your surroundings, the cloud-based GoProof evaporates distance and brings creatives and collaborators together in a cosy virtual room.

This feeling of belonging is so important, which is why our team is committed to helping the creative community in any way we can.

If you need advice on how best to approach it, we’re here. We’ll support you through a learning and testing process to make sure it’s working for your managers, designers and collaborators.

Our Customer Success Team staff are home-based too right now, so we can relate to everything that you're going through and know where to suggest and guide.

We’ve got a library of ebooks that give a ton of background about online proofing and how it improves collaboration and creates digital trails, so you don’t have to worry about broken paper-based processes causing disruption.

We’re offering our support, guidance and advice for teams working together - but separately.

And lastly, we understand a major factor in making this situation work is our family and close friend commitments. We all have loved ones, old and young, that we are taking care or looking out for and we need to find time for them.

Easily work from home with GoProof

Creating time in your day to check homework, change linen and get prescriptions delivered is so important right now. 

Being always connected to your creative journey from anywhere with the GoProof mobile app hopefully makes this easier for you to manage.


This is a weird and almost fictional passage of time and we’ll do anything we can to keep our great creative community engaged and unified as one, wherever we are.

Stay together.

The GoProof Team

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