GoProof revolutionising the proofing process

GoProof, revolutionising the proofing process since 2016

Over the last six years, GoProof has evolved dramatically to offer a wealth of functionality that’s proven to streamline the proofing process for creatives, project managers and marketing agencies. 

Through our social channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, or our blogs, webinars and ebooks, we’ve been keeping you all updated about any new features as we release them. There have been so many that we’ve had to dedicate an entire page of our website to list them all, take a look here: GoProof Key Features

With the initial release of GoProof, we understood how critical it was for a streamlined workflow to ensure that Adobe Creative Cloud apps such as InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator could integrate seamlessly. From the outset, this is how we designed and built GoPoof, and how we continue to develop it; having also introduced integration with Adobe InCopy and other systems such as Slack, Asana and MarTech.

With GoProof, creatives (internal or external) can receive, update and send proofs directly from within their Adobe Creative Cloud apps. They can then view the mark-ups on the document (rather than an emailed pdf or word document), and then implement suggested text changes with the single click of a mouse. Not only cutting out any potential for errors or typos, but saving precious time to work across the project.

“GoProof has made good use of the Creative Cloud platform by building a panel that gives their customers access to GoProof directly within Adobe tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, which streamlines the review and approval process for creative teams.”
Drew Endick, Creative Cloud Partnership, Adobe

Read more about the GoProof Adobe Creative Cloud integration.

GoProof - Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud

Reviewers also have a tonne of features at their their finger tips. These include 10+ proofing tools, such as strikethrough, highlight and a standard pin; they can also see every change suggested, the comments that lead to that change and every single version of the proof that has been sent back, received for approval and submitted to the client. 

The system doesn’t just handle creative cloud app files such as .indd, .ps or .ai, users can also proof jpegs, pngs, gifs, video and even webpages. And they don’t need the Adobe Creative Cloud apps to collaborate, a proof uploader has been introduced to allow for simple drag and drop proofing.

GoProof really does offer complete transparency for the proofing process.

View the range of proofing tools available in GoProof.

Automated proofing workflows was a major update to the system. It allows the proof to automatically move through the proofing stage, until it reaches its final destination, which could be ready for changes or approval. 

Automated proofing provides GoProof users with a toolset to build a timeline of stages for their proofs, however simple or complex the journey needs to be.

Proofing is all about collaboration and so GoProof ensures that teams with multiple collaborators can log in to the system, comment and interact, regardless of their location. These users click a link via an email invitation and don’t have to set up an account, manage passwords or log in each time they are invited to comment or view a proof. GoProof keeps things simple.

Read an overview of the automated proofing workflow.

These are just a few examples of some of the features included with GoProof. We haven't even mentioned video proofing, copy-editing functionality, integrations with external systems, and the dedicated mobile app for proofing on the go.

Check out all the features on the dedicated GoProof product page.

GoProof users can also take advantage of our library of resources. They can sit in on any webinars that we present (or they can catch up later via the recording of the event), browse our support site for relevant help sheets, watch our fast-track videos or download one of our many informative free ebooks.


Don't just take our word for it at how great GoProof is, you can see for yourself by taking a free trial or booking an online demo today.


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