Adobe® InCopy® Collaboration Launch

Press Release: Adobe® InCopy® Collaboration Launch


GoProof has launched a new platform for users of Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign software which promises to transform the working relationship between copywriters, designers and their collaborators.

In the latest version of the GoProof web app and the GoProof extension for Adobe Creative Cloud available at and the Adobe Exchange, the well-known Adobe Exchange developer GoProof has reimagined the way that InCopy and InDesign users submit content, share it for review and make changes based on feedback.

The watertight GoProof process makes file sharing and providing access to files easy, as it’s all done through the GoProof extension for Adobe Creative Cloud and the GoProof cloud, putting an end to designers having to zip and email document files across.

It means copywriters no longer need to have ‘linked access’ to files, which is an all-too-familiar issue to contend with, as files are often moved to or stored in private and local network locations, making them difficult and sometimes impossible for copywriters to get to. This means they often cannot submit their copy on time or even at all - and in some cases may be completely unaware they are not using the latest InDesign document template.

In addition to reliable file access, the GoProof workflow introduces restorable versioning of the copy submitted and is removing the need for PDFs to be exported whenever there are reviews to be carried out.

Jon Simcox, co-founder of GoProof’s creators Oppolis Software, explains how the new workflow was crafted. “We were acutely aware of the InCopy to InDesign workflow issues causing headaches across the publishing and creative industries. It’s been going on for years and the only way to get around it was to invest in large, complicated and expensive solutions. We were fortunate in that we have the GoProof cloud platform already in place, so fixing the problems that affect the experience of copywriters and designers across the whole spectrum whilst adding a new level of collaboration was an enjoyable one for us to do.”

The established GoProof collaboration process used by thousands of creatives is the next linear step in the workflow after the first draft copy is received, allowing designers to send the proof out for review once all the copy has been placed.

“The new InCopy workflow widens the breadth of GoProof to reach deeper copywriting market segments” reveals Oppolis Marketing Director Emerson Welch. “It enables InCopy users to both submit pre-proof copy and make in-review edits from inside our collaboration cloud ecosystem. This is another great innovation to make the whole creative journey less technical and focused more on creative.”

The new InCopy workflow is available now.


Happy proofing,

The GoProof Customer Success Team

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