Proof Documents with Multiple Pages in Style

Proof Multiple Pages in Style

Proofing tons of pages in fine detail.

Let’s be real, it’s not always a job that your collaborators are in the mood for. So we thought we’d make it extra efficient to help them get it done quickly and painlessly.On top of the zoom tool for close inspection of content, here are a few dinky features in GoProof that will help your multi-page proofing.

Start Page

If you’re not proofing from Adobe CC, the Uploader enables you to proof export files such as PNGs, JPGs, PDFs and more. You can select several files in one go, which allows you to proof content such as web page grabs, image variations, PDF brochures and so on.


The Start Page function is for giving these export files a page range, so collaborators know where they sit in the big picture. So, for example, if you are sharing a PDF which is an export of pages 7 – 12 of a 32-page document, you set the Start Page as 7.

Page Numbers and < Previous / Next >

The left-hand side bar of the proof screen shows a series of page thumbnails when multi-page documents are shared from Adobe InDesign CC or through the export file Uploader.


These are clearly numbered underneath to help avoid confusion. For files shared using the Uploader, if a Start Page has been given, the first file will have the first number allocated in the Start Page field. So to use the example above, the first thumbnail will be labelled 7.

Selecting pages from large documents is even easier now, as we’ve added Next and Previous links with the current page highlighted at the bottom.

Arrow KeysAnd here’s a speed-add feature to wrap it up.


Rather than having to click on each thumbnail with your mouse (so last year) you can now toggle through the thumbnails using the arrow keys on your keyboard (even more last year… but better!). This should help you navigate multiple pages much faster.

We hope you like the efficiency features for multiple page proofing! All feedback is invited as always, so hook us up by starting a Chat on our website.


Happy proofing!

The GoProof Team


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