Proofing Software for 2019 Holiday Campaigns

Proofing Software: Ideal for Approving Black Friday, Christmas and Holiday Creative Campaigns


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Proofing software like GoProof is a must-have for creative teams at any time of the year.

But, as we move into the business end of the holiday season production timeline, it’s more important right now than ever, especially for retail brand marketing teams.

The first campaigns on the 2019 holiday horizon are for the Thanksgiving-fuelled, Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend this year starting on November 29th.

Then right off the back of that comes the Christmas and Happy Holiday period, running throughout December 2019 and into January 2020 with the mass sales attack that follows from Boxing Day onwards.

For retailers, this is peak selling season and the chance to position above all competitors with clever, targeted marketing campaigns that shock and awe audiences into cutting loose and spending their hard-earned cash on a holiday season to remember for the whole family.

Proofing creative work accurately and subjectively is right at the top of the agenda at this eyes-wide point in the calendar. No mistakes. There are big budgets at risk here and rigid deadlines that cannot be missed at any cost.

GoProof is the ideal proofing software for approving integrated digital and offline campaigns for Black Friday and beyond. Here’s why.

Let’s look at proofing digital media first.

When creating display ads, banners, MPUs, web graphics, many designers will use an Adobe® Creative Cloud® package such as Photoshop®, Illustrator® or Premiere Pro®.


Our proofing software helps creatives send work for review directly from the Adobe Creative Cloud app they were created in, as part of a single combined project, making it a cinch for them to get work out for review faster - and get comments and change instructions landing right back into the app.

Or, if they prefer, they can export files into PNG, MP4, JPG and other export formats and share those too. Unlimited numbers of files are sent in a similar version-by-version process to unlimited collaborators for approval.

From Photoshop, creatives can upload still image proofs as you’d expect. And - bonus - they can also extract an animated GIF and proof that too. We convert it to a video format and use our standard video review interface to make it easy to comment on moving display ads and web creative.

Web landing pages and email templates are a major part of the campaign process. Our proofing software makes proofing web pages and email designs easy using a URL submission option in the Uploader. Just drop your public URL in the field and send it for review.

Now let’s talk about proofing the print work.

Brochures, catalogues, point of sale graphics, product packaging, window displays, in-store light-boxes, direct mail discount vouchers… there’s no debating the list of marketing media still driven by print is huge.

Most print creative work is done in Adobe’s layout software InDesign® and GoProof’s integration for Adobe InDesign is deeper than anything else on the market.

Proof page ranges, page spreads, edit text on proofs, attach original or print-ready files, change dpi resolutions for intricate details, use rotation or page flipper views.

Proofing print work is a major part of any integrated marketing campaign

It’s all in our proofing software and creatives can easily apply change requests or copy edits to their layouts using the Adobe extension.

Just like the digital work, if a non-creative is sharing work for review then flat files such as PDFs, JPGs and BMPs can be exported and uploaded to the review projects.

This is simplified further in GoProof with its Client > Project hierarchy built to contain all of the digital and print media together, making it easy to search for proofs using our Proof Dashboard and folder structures.

The most preferred proofing software has deadline management built into it and GoProof is no exception.

Businesses can’t afford to miss the 2019 holiday and Christmas sales rush

No-one wants to miss the boat on those crucial holiday sales.

At the point of sending proofs, creatives can set a master deadline for the work to be reviewed, meaning all collaborator comments and requests must be submitted by this point.

If they haven’t, creatives can automate actions to take place anyway so the process won’t get slowed down because someone is late to the review.

On top of that, creatives can schedule reminders to fire out at chosen timepoints to keep collaborators engaged throughout each version review and maximise the chances of hitting the deadline.

So, as creative teams look to sign off their artwork and creative for the late 2019 holiday season campaigns, proofing software - and in particular GoProof - is one of the biggest allies in your creative toolkit.


Take a free trial of GoProof right now and deliver those festive campaigns sharper and earlier than ever.

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