Rotate Proofs to Change the Viewing Angle

Rotate proofs for better viewing angles - ideal for packaging designs

Spin it. Check it. Approve it.

No more weird back-bending or holding laptops upside down!

The new Rotate viewing tool is a well-requested feature from customers and we’ve rolled it out in the recent release.It’s a clear winner and allows complex designs to be viewed from three additional angles, which is awesome for checking out designs created for packaging products.The 3D nature of packaging means they have sections, lips and tabs which appear upside down or sideways on a flat overhead view.

We’ve made proofing them easy.

On opening a proof, you’ll find the Rotate button next to the zoom function on the proofing toolbar. It’s the looped arrow one.

Each click of the button will rotate the proof by 90 degrees clockwise, so collaborators can proof different sections individually without having to morph their bodies into a series of unnatural shapes that will make their colleagues think they’ve totally lost it.

Using the Rotate function, it’s simple to move the proof around the screen to line up the right viewpoint and then use the Zoom for closer analysis - ideal for things like small print on the bottom or back side of boxes.

Thanks to everyone who has requested the Rotate feature and make sure you keep the suggestions coming in!


Happy proofing

The GoProof Team


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