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Say hello to the Uploader, your new best buddy

“Can we get a quick file uploader as well? That’d be awesome!”

We’ve been listening hard to your feedback about how you need a quick upload tool to buddy up with our unique Adobe Creative Cloud add-on. Something that works for PDFs, JPGs and other exports so you can share designs quickly to anyone you choose without Adobe file interaction. A convenient way to send simple proofs for review using an iPad or mobile device without needing to be at your desktop.

But still capture all the reactions, feedback, comments, inspiration and compliments in one easy online place.You know we’d hate to disappoint you, right?

Say hello to the Uploader…

GoProof Uploader Online Proofing Software

Sign in to GoProof and the Uploader button is on the main header bar. Click it and it will take you through a fast 2-step process to upload files (multiple files at once? YES YES YES!) and choose who to send them to for feedback and approval.New customers will see it as an option during first approval. You choose between using the Adobe CC add-on to share proofs directly from Id / Ai / Ps or use the Uploader for other files.

GoProof Uploader Online Proofing Software

It’s so simple. Drag and drop your files into the upload zone or use the browse button if you prefer. The files instantly start uploading and show you how big they are once they’re done. We’ll tell you of any issues with file size or file type so you can fix it.We’ll give it a Proof Name by taking the name of the first file you uploaded. Don’t worry, you can edit this if you want to at this point. The name is then fixed to this proof set for the whole lifecycle, helping to track and organise new versions that are uploaded in the future.

GoProof Uploader Online Proofing Software

Next is adding the Client and Project that the proof is for, so you can find it again easily and keep your design work structured properly.If it’s your first time using the Uploader these fields will be blank but from the second time onwards it will be pre-filled with the details from the previous upload. You can type in these fields and it will dynamically find the Client or Project you are searching for.

Then it’s time to invite some people to come and take a look.

GoProof Uploader Online Proofing Software

Remember, you can invite as many people as you want to collaborate on your work with GoProof. Just type in their email address and hit enter. You can add their name and phone number later. We don’t want to slow you down, you’re busy creating cool stuff.

Select Reviewer, Gatekeeper or Observer depending on their level of responsibility and then write them a quick message using the fields underneath.

And after that, just hit the button!

Your email invitations will be sent and you’ll pass through to the proof you’ve just uploaded. Comments appear as soon as they’re submitted. Happy proofing!Here’s how the whole process looks when you upload a new version:

GoProof Uploader Online Proofing Software

We can’t wait to hear your feedback on the Uploader. Keep commenting and reaching us on email with feedback and ideas. Hook us up on Twitter and Facebook as well!

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