Send GoProof design notifications from your own email domain in your own brand style

Send GoProof Design Notifications from your Own Email Domain in your own brand style

You know you wanted to make the proof notification emails look like they’re coming directly from you and not from us, right?

We’ve done it. It’s here in PRO and ENTERPRISE. So now you can brand up whenever you’re proofing your creative work with clients, colleagues and design teams.

And it’s pretty darn clever, reducing the chance that emails get marked as spam when they land with your proofers.

Here’s how it works.

Own Domain Sending

GoProof sends notification emails automatically to reviewers when you ask them to get proofing on a design project. These are standard templates generated by the GoProof system and are sent from

In PRO TEAM and ENTERPRISE you can change the domain to your own, as long as it actually is your own and not a Gmail, Hotmail or best friend’s long lost cousin’s.

And we’ve made it easy to do. In the top right menu when you’re logged in to GoProof click Email Settings and then select Change Email Domain from the next menu and you’ll land at the setup wizard.

Customize Domain

Enter your domain address and then use the DNS Entry information we give you to set up your entries with your DNS provider. Give it a day or two for us to verify it and then you’re good to go!

From then on, it will send proofs from the email address that you’re logged in with instead of the GoProof one.

Email Template Design

The 3-section email template we use is now available for you to customise in PRO TEAM and ENTERPRISE. You can upload a Header image, add your own Body content and create a Footer.

To make the emails (and the system!) do their jobs properly you'll need to use the Linked Fields listed above the body content area. You do this by clicking right on them and the code will drop into the text where the flashing cursor is at that time.

Customize Emails

Examples of linked fields are Proof Name and View Proof, so when a reviewer receives a new invitation to proof a document the email automatically inserts the actual proof name itself and provides the correct hyperlink to go take a look at it.

All these features are in the Email Settings>Design Email Templates menu option right now, so get your design on and give your brand a boost!

Keep those suggestions coming!

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