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Set Deadlines and Reminders for Collaborators when Sending Proofs

Hey everyone,

Do you think getting content done on time without compromising on quality is one of the biggest creative design headaches? Feedback we get says it sure is.

And yep, most of the time it’s not your fault! You have lost hours – even days – just waiting for feedback to come in.

Setting Deadlines and adding Reminders in GoProof online proofing software helps you drive timely engagement from collaborators. By pushing them to own their proofing responsibilities they will take them more seriously.

If Deadlines and Reminders are in play, the chances of being late significantly reduce. Your creative process feels under control.

You can:

  • Establish clear timescales
  • Get faster feedback
  • Spot issues sooner
  • Allow more time to finesse designs
  • Ensure your release targets are hit

As Deadlines and Reminders help you deliver your best creative work, it would be senseless for Collaborators to ignore them.


It doesn’t matter if you are sharing proofs from the Adobe Creative Cloud panel or via the Uploader. Both routes have the options available, located on the same screen where you write your email invitation.

First off, set the deadline date & time for your content using the calendar and time selector. Once you have you’ll see we’ve included three options for when the deadline has passed to help automate the proofing workflow afterwards. These are:

  • Leave Review Open
  • Request Changes
  • Sign Off

These will happen instantly and an email notification will be sent out to Collaborators informing them of the action.

So, if you selected Request Changes for example, the Publisher of the content would immediately get the proof back with all comments and feedback submitted up to that point. You can be right on the money with your project management.


Next is adding Reminders, which is done in the same way with a calendar and time selector.

You can add as many as you want at various points along the creative timeline to motivate collaborators to view your content and give feedback.


Dead simple. GoProof sends a standard Reminder email to collaborators with a link to the proof that also tells them how long is left until the deadline.


OK, so where can you manage them? Take a look at the Review Dashboard.


If you are the Publisher you can add, edit and delete them quickly and easily. Collaborators will be able view them as read only.

The date and time is displayed in the Deadlines column which goes red if it’s passed. And the bell symbol shows Reminders have already been added, turning blue when the Reminders have been successfully issued.


So to summarize… it’s really easy and super-helpful for everyone!

  1. Set a deadline
  2. Add reminders
  3. Automate actions if the deadline passes
  4. Collaborators get notified via email
  5. Manage it all in the Review Dashboard

Hopefully your creative process just got a bit more chilled, so you can stay calm and focus on those final touches to producing amazing creative work.


Happy proofing!

The GoProof Team


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