Share All Types of Project Files When Proofing

Share all types of project files when you send design proofs

Who hates burning valuable time saving, sharing and sending files?

Who doesn’t?

Just take a second and do this: Open your calculator app and start adding up all the time you spend every week creating emails, attaching files and uploading files to Dropbox, Box or whatever else.

Then multiply it for every time a collaborator asks you to email it to them again or send a link to somebody else.

It’s hours, right? And it always seems to happen at the wrong time in the day, pushing you back to your desk when you want out.

It would be pretty awesome if you could store files in a place where collaborators can download them whenever they want and share them with each other rather than your doing it.

Well from now on, that can be GoProof.


Uploading files is a breeze. It’s a simple option added to both the Adobe CC and Uploader proofing workflows, so you don’t need to open any other apps or windows to get it done.


Sharing through GoProof puts related or important project files right in the heart of where you need them. It so much easier than stacking up separate online storage boxes or email trails.

•    Share any file type or size e.g. pdf, xlsx, mp4, keynote
•    One secure place for everyone to download from
•    Email invitation lets collaborators know about shared files

Think spread sheets, project briefs, recorded Skype meetings, Keynote presentations and more. There’s no limit on the number or size of files you can share. The only barrier would be a maxed out GoProof package.


Collaborators are notified in the email invitation if there are any shared files.

The invitation email sent to collaborators lets them know if there are any files available to download with the proof itself. And the proof can also be set for download if you choose, both as a PDF or original Adobe CC file.


The files shared will be available for collaborators to download from the tool bar in the proofing screen. The button sits to the right of print icon, appearing when files are available.

There’s also a quick screen prompt indicating how many there are, so all new collaborators get a pointer and reminder to grab them.


And as Gatekeepers have the power to invite other collaborators, they can easily add new people in to come and download the files without asking you all the time.

We hope you like it! Please send us your feedback on file sharing. We want to make this process is hassle-free as possible.


The GoProof Team


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