Share Proofs directly from Slack, Asana and Other Software

Share proofs directly from Slack, Asana, Basecamp and other software using easy links

So how many organisations use online proofing software as a sub-process of a larger marketing, creative or project workflow do you think? Yep, a ton.

It’s often sat under cloud project software which acts as the primary go-to system for business communication. Something like Slack, Asana, Basecamp, Workday or any of the big players on the market.

Sharing proofs directly from inside systems like these makes it easier for marketers and creatives to keep everything visible at that higher level.

We wanted to make our online proofing software link easily to these ecosystems but keep it a simple task for users to perform every day. Basically, it can’t be complex, otherwise it’s pointless.

Back at the end of last year we tasked our developers to sprinkle some magic dust on GoProof and make it happen. We’re over the moon to announce this feature add is now live in GoProof, so you can start sharing links right away.

Here’s how we’ve done it.

Easily create links from the proof dashboard in GoProof.

Share links are created easily from inside the Proof Dashboard. In both the list view and tile view modes, you’ll notice the new share button or icon to the left of the trash can.

Hit this and you’ll get a popup with some simple options to choose from. The type of online proofing link you choose depends on the level of access you want to give to your collaborators.

1. Anyone

This is an openly public link that you can literally paste anywhere on the web for people to access the proof. The only restriction is the collaborator has to verify their email address to prove they’re not a robot or a big bad baddie.

2. Specific collaborators

The specific collaborators link option will only work for collaborators who have already been personally invited to the proof. The invitations are done in the normal way, so either by the proof sender when sending the proof out or by the Gatekeeper using the Collaborators tab within the proof. Access will need to be approved by one of these proof controllers.

3. Confidential proofing

This is the strictest level of access and requires collaborators to be invited to the proof first - like the specific collaborators - but also enter their secure email address and password. If they don’t have a collaborator account they will be asked to create one. All of this requires approval.

In options 2 and 3, collaborators are essentially requesting access to the proof rather than just getting in to see it.

There is an added speed-up built in to make it easier for regular collaborators on your projects. We’re using a browser-based recognition system, so if they’ve already viewed proofs inside GoProof before we’ll know and they won't have to verify their email address. Cool.

Choose from three online proofing link share options.

After a link type has been selected, the link will be revealed underneath with a COPY LINK button next to it. And at the bottom two new buttons appear to allow for links to be cancelled for everyone (instantly deactivated) or a new link to be created, which cancels the old one as well.

So if you’re concerned about your link falling into the wrong hands at any time, just create a new one and no-one will be able to get in via the old one.


The proof sender or gatekeeper ultimately has the control over who gets access to the proof. This is done using a popup within the proof itself and they will be prompted to consider any new requests through an automated email.

There’s also a text link to show the popup at any time in the Collaborators tab called Manage collaborator access. It sits just below the box where you can invite new ones to join the proof and pops up the modal.

Proof controllers can choose to say yes or no to each collaborator.

In the popup there will be a list of all the collaborators linked to the proof and they will be in one of three categories, depending on the interactions so far.

They have been approved by a proof controller and currently have access to the proof.

They have been denied access by a proof controller.

They have a pending request.

Proof controllers simply check the radio button for each one - or can say yes to all if they’re happy to. The collaborators get an email to let them know what’s been decided with a link to the proof if it’s a yes.

We’re sure you agree the whole share link process in GoProof online proofing software is quick and easy. Important to remember that we’ve made sure to keep a careful eye on security, so proof owners are totally in control.

Why don’t you try sharing a link somewhere right now?

Happy Proofing

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