Adobe InDesign CC Copy Editor Enhancements

Speed Injection and Cleaner Interface for the InDesign CC Copy Editor

Here’s a nice little surprise for 4th July week.

Our techies have given the Copy Editor - our tool for collaborators to edit text on proofs sent from Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud - a holiday upgrade.

First, the interface.

We’ve made it easier for collaborators to filter and view the text boxes by organizing the layout better.

When opening the proof and clicking the EDIT COPY button to split the screen, instead of showing all the editable text boxes on the right-hand side straight away, we’ve calmed the view down and introduced a filter-select with the following options:



Those text boxes on the document which have been actively clicked on by the collaborator

Current Page

Text boxes on the current page which can be edited


Those which have already been edited by collaborators with changes saved


Those which have been edited but the changes haven’t been saved


Text boxes where the edits have created too much copy to fit into the text box, creating an overset


All the editable text boxes on the document

This new, more organised layout radically enhances the proofing experience for collaborators and copywriters, especially for those larger documents with a ton of edits available.


They can easily zero in on the ones they want to focus on without the swarm of other text boxes clogging up their interface.

Second, the preview speed.

A great feature of the Copy Editor is being able to see a preview of what the changes look like right there on the proof.

It cuts out the whole email or phone exchange between editors and designers trying to get new to changes to fit into the document. It’s much more streamlined and productive.

We get we are all impatient these days, so we’ve boosted it to load over 3 times faster in this new version of the Copy Editor, so collaborators can get their edits in to their designers in record time.

Add up the time saving and take away the frustration and it could mean everyone goes home on time feeling awesome.


Thanks for all your feedback on the Copy Editor and if you want to talk to us, contact our Customer Success Team through

Happy proofing!

The GoProof Team


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