New GoProof proofing tools and a refreshed toolbar

Introducing the ADD COMMENT button, new proofing tools and refreshed toolbar

GoProof’s got a new markup button and toolbar!

The button is called ADD COMMENT and comes with a nice surprise... two new proofing tools to make marking up text and copy passages more detailed than ever. Marking copy errors such as typos, spelling mistakes and duplicated segments are the most regular annotations reviewers make on proofs, so we wanted to make it easier to display them.These are the ones you’ve been asking for. We heard those cries for help.


The first of our two new tools is HIGHLIGHT. This transparent neon yellow box section area allows Gatekeepers and Reviewers to highlight anything on the proof, including words and lines of text as well as spaces and images. Just like using an old-school highlight felt pen but with your mouse.


Comments are added to the highlights which appear in the Comment timeline tab on the right and in the mobile app Design Feed.


Have you noticed how some words miraculously manage to stick around on documents, defying all the elements? Even though you would have sworn you deleted them three versions ago?


STRIKE is the second new tool on the ADD COMMENT button and draws horizontal lines. It’s ideal for crossing through words and phrases to be removed and hugely improves your accuracy when text editing. It also has the bonus use of underlining words or items if you don’t want to highlight or box them.Other changes on the new toolbar include a refreshed icon for Show / Hide Comments and a more structured layout.

It’s all live and waiting for you in GoProof. Don’t forget to give us your feedback so we can keep adding more of what you need.

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