Take a Closer Look at Proofs | Enhanced Zoom Tool

Take a closer look at your proofs with an enhanced zoom tool

Now you can take a closer look at your proofs with an enhanced zoom tool and inspect your graphic design and document proofs with more precision and accuracy!

We’ve made close-up analysis of your proofs a far better experience in GoProof v2.1, thanks to a couple of changes in the zoom department.

First off there’s a magnifying glass on the toolbar next to the Pointer and Hand. It’s the new Zoom tool that works as a marquee, so you can draw a box on the exact area on the proof you want to take a closer look at and zoom straight into it.


On top of this we’ve made your mouse a superstar zoomer!

If your mouse has a wheel you can roll it to zoom in and out of the proof. Apple Magic Mouse users can do the same by dragging a finger forwards and backwards on top.

The great feature of the mouse zoom is it zeros right in on where your cursor is sitting on the proof, making it fast and easy to take a deeper look at any fine print or image detail. Just point and roll!

If you’re zoomed in and you want to jump back out to normal width just click the zoom percentage figure on the toolbar and select Fit.

And one last thing, don’t forget if you are proofing from InDesign or Illustrator you can increase the export resolution from 144dpi to 300dpi or 600dpi for even sharper proofs.

We hope you enjoy the option to take a closer look at your proofs with the enhanced zoom tool in GoProof.

Keep the feedback coming in!


Happy proofing

The GoProof Team


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