Comment & Proofing Activity Feed on Home Dashboard

The Activity Timeline: Instant proofing notifications for designers and collaborators

It’s 2018

Sounds like the perfect time for an upgrade, right? So let’s get started!

Allow us to introduce the Activity Timeline.

You’ll find it in the GoProof Creative Cloud add-on for desktop designers and on the new look GoProof home dashboard for collaborators.

First, let’s dive into the designer’s world inside Adobe Creative Cloud.

When you’re zoned in on a design, you want to stay in there. In that precise headspace. No distractions.

It’s a drag to jump out of Creative Cloud and scroll through email lists just to see if you’ve missed anything.

Now the GoProof extension panel inside Creative Cloud does that job for you.


In the top right corner of the GoProof add-on, you’ll see if new notifications have arrived.

Click on this to drop down the Activity Timeline, which lists all the recent new proofs, comments, replies, @mentions, change requests and sign offs that take place -the moment they happen.

It takes away the responsibility of having to come out and check email all the time.

If something happens, we’ll tell you. Right where you are.

Concentrate more on producing incredible work knowing if there’s a change requested or someone wants to talk to you, the Activity Timeline will let you know.

Collaborators using the GoProof web app get the same treatment.


The Activity Timeline appears on the home page as a widget and in the top right-hand corner on every other page throughout GoProof, so you don’t miss a beat.

Responding to any new activity is supercharged, as the feed gives more targeted links to the actual comment, reply, @mention or whatever. And from a single, convenient list.

The Activity Timeline brings better productivity for everyone.


Happy proofing

The GoProof Team


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