Top 10 Benefits of Online Proofing Software

The top 10 benefits of online proofing software based on real customer feedback

Here are the top 10 benefits of online proofing software based on real customer feedback in one definitive guide that’s easy to understand.

Designed to give the creative community the eureka moment on where the gains really are and what problems are solved, these top 10 benefits are compiled directly from genuine feedback given by active online proofing software users.

It’s reliable and true information right from the horse’s mouth without any bias. So it gives creative and marketing teams the actionable insights and ROI indicators they need to decide if it’s perfect for their own organisation.



Simply having access to proofs from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day is still a powerful capability in today’s online proofing world.

Online working is an old message in terms of cloud and internet but it’s still super-fresh for thousands of creative teams who are still passing printed versions of proofs around. If you’re not in the office, you can’t see proofs or make any direct contribution to them.

Making design proofs fast and easy for collaborators to view is important too. Secure web browser entrance links are used, so collaborators don’t need to create a user account, spend any time entering details or have an Adobe Creative Cloud licence just to get to a proof.

Then there's the collaborator audience itself. The world is literally your oyster and you can invite as many people as you like to come and take part in a review without restrictions on logistics, location or time.

“We operate 30+ retail locations in four states with each store having a separate manager that we rely on to review our weekly, bi-weekly and monthly print advertisements. GoProof provides us an easy-to-use, central platform that allows us to efficiently communicate, collaborate and share creative work that would otherwise have to be distributed via email.”

A. Nush, Retail, 501 - 1000 employees



One of the biggest frustrations in the creative journey is the amount of wasted time within it. And this often gets tagged to the creative worker or proof sender, when it’s not always their fault.

Many creative teams without online proofing software are still making lengthy calls to their clients or stakeholders to discuss change requests and get an understanding of what they’re really after.

Trying to set this up leads to more delays and regular barriers like a lack of diary availability makes it even harder.

The most efficient online proofing software has been proven to accelerate the creative journey of users from project start to final sign off by up to 50%.

The number of proofs and review rounds required to approve creative work are significantly reduced. And thanks to easy to use engagement functions and a stack of key features, designers cut the hours spent hanging around waiting for feedback to arrive and making those long, intensive phone calls.

The chase for feedback is shortened and productivity is increased, from releasing the burden of admin on creatives through to quicker collaborator commenting and editing.

“Time is the biggest benefit I've found with GoProof. My customers love how quick GoProof makes the proofing process. I'm not wasting time on the phone with customers discussing changes and explaining where the changes need to be made. With this proofing system I'm able to see exactly what they want, where they want it and can quickly make those edits and return a proof in record time.”

D. Buchmiller, Designer/Printer

top 10 online proofing benefits open collaboration


Free expression, inspiration and togetherness comes from a truly collaborative work culture and online proofing software is a shining light in this space with a multitude of sub-benefits.

For larger companies, simple communication across departments can be a huge challenge and this void of engagement can easily be bridged through centralised software.

Popular with almost every user is the ability to add and remove collaborators instantly on demand and see who has viewed and interacted with proofs. This eliminates doubt and enables proof owners to easily nudge the process forward.

Then there’s the commenting and markup zone, the core workspace in all online proofing software. Collaborators can choose from a ton of different proofing tools to clearly convey their thoughts. These include boxes, highlights, strikes and even ruler measuring, all of which are done right on the hi-res proof in its exact context.

Comments made are organised into visible threads, allowing everyone to reply to each other and tag individuals using @mentioning for more direct conversation.

It brings all email, phone and offline chat into one place, allowing the creative circle to work better together and aspire to produce amazing things.

“I like how multiple users/reviewers can review and comment on documents for a more dynamic discussion. I like that we can add additional reviewers as necessary, and direct questions to specific reviewers.”

K. Morales, Biotechnology, 51-200 employees



When things are wrong, it really sucks.

One of the big gains with online proofing software is in accuracy and quality assurance - and boy does it make a difference.

Based on user estimations, errors are reduced by an average of 20%, which makes publishing content more reliable and trusted by everyone concerned. These errors can be in the form of typos or poor image cropping but can also extend to ensuring up-to-date logos and technical small print is in place.

Compliance is a major factor in proofing, especially for legal and financial companies who are heavily regulated and face intense scrutiny in all the content they publish.

Productivity gains in cross-department relationships and day-to-day coworking is a massive benefit of online proofing software.

The transparency provided by the software is the key, de-risking commercial mistakes and the knock-on negative exposure they generate.

“VERY GOOD! It saves us tons of time, has reduced proofs and improved accuracy of our publications.”

C. Kimberlin, Publishing, 11-50 employees



Online proofing software acts as the central reference point for recording conversations about creative content.

It’s the go-to place that creates a genuine shared ownership of work, promoting collaboration and excellence throughout the creative circle.

The foundation for traceability is normally built around three main components: collaborator engagement, stages within a review and history of proof versions.

When collaborators join a proof it’s visible to everyone and would normally be during an open review. Some of them have more power to request actions on proofs than others and when they take a decision, the proof moves into a new status such as Changes Requested or Signed Off.

Creatives make the changes and then share a new proof for review (version 2, 3, 4...) which creates a full audit trail of proof versions, comments and activity in the review history.

These versions can be compared, revisited and relied upon for clarity and contention if the need arose in the future. Projects are archived, so never lost.

In addition, sophisticated measurement and reporting tools offer unique data insights and user evidence to help optimise future projects.

“I love that we can retain our proofs within the system once it's signed-off. I've occasionally had to revisit a comment on a proof after the printing of a project. That security is invaluable.”

A.Kurowski, Non-Profit, 11-50 employees



A skyscraper benefit of online proofing software is the empowerment of creatives to work smarter, in turn releasing their true creative potential.

Connecting online proofing software with Adobe Creative Cloud, the most commonly used creative software on the market, opens the door to time savings in both producing proofs and making any requested amends to them.

Proofs can be sent directly from inside Adobe apps, removing the need to export PDFs or MP4s just to share work. Doing everything without jumping out of Adobe and not having to switch to email or file-share programs saves designers hours.

The two-way integration tunnel flows data in both directions, meaning all edits, change requests and asset uploads can be received by creatives right back into their Adobe app. They can even reject a change and give a reason why, which is shared on the next version.

It’s super-efficient, makes it easy to switch between design projects and allows creatives to focus on what they do best.

“I love it! I no-longer have to take my file into another file to create a low-res, watermarked PDF. I just click the client's name and submit the artwork to their email - all from within Adobe Creative Cloud.”

C. Ricci, Graphic Designer



Knowing that everyone is on the same page and committed to working together to achieve incredible goals makes the creative journey so much more enjoyable.

Inside the review circle, specific roles and responsibilities are allocated so that there is a clear understanding on who is charged with requesting changes, pressing the sign off button or just taking a view-only seat.

Online proofing software is designed to cement the key collaborator decisions and actions as checkpoints along the way, tracking the commitments in real time and making them available to each person in their proof dashboard.

As everyone is constantly involved, the opportunity for contribution gets a welcome boost and there’s a shared ownership and team ethic towards the needs of each project.

“Through our ongoing commitment to service excellence, GoProof has streamlined the workflow process, eliminated PDF and asset file issues and bridged the gap between communication with our clients. Our clients are happy with the system as well.”

S. Oberholster, Printing, 11-50 employees



All information in one convenient place. It’s the optimal way to work and is the foundation for a successful proofing culture.

Teams that aren’t using online proofing software experience a scattergun effect when it comes to tracking assets, accessing proofs, receiving comments and instructions, inviting people in and approving versions.

The consolidation of feedback coming in from a ton of avenues is a time consuming task in itself. It’s made doubly difficult when each collaborator has their own version of the proof on email, as the return process goes totally out of sync.

A single, web-based portal for everyone to converse on all live and historic content is unbeatable and eliminates doubt and duplication, saving time and hassle. And this applies to all types of media, so you can review print work alongside movies, digital banners and app prototypes.

Organising client folders inside online proofing software makes project management an easy task to carry out. Daily ops get easier.

“People who are sending edits can see if someone else has already offered a suggestion for change which reduces the likelihood of duplication and wasted time for reviewers. Also, if a reviewer disagrees with an edit, they can do so in line with the comment and keep the conversation right where everyone can view it.”

R. Edens, Electronics Manufacturing, 11-50 employees



One of the most annoying and unproductive things to do during the creative process is submitting copy passages and text changes.

Imagine the situation for designers. All the content comes in on separate emails, Word and Google documents, internal systems - even dictated over the phone.

It’s so much easier to drop and edit text on the proof itself, which is possible in online proofing software. It cuts out the human error in retyping, translating and transferring content, whilst placing it right in front of stakeholders at the point of submission, which in turn allows for faster and deeper collaboration.

The number of versions having to be produced decreases and creatives can be way more confident that the text is accurate and exactly as intended for the context with no typos or misreps.

“I really do enjoy using GoProof and it has made our proofing and editing experience with our clients much more efficient than emailing back and forth.”

L. Berryman, Real Estate, 501 - 1000 employees



Online proofing software is an essential backbone for reviewing and approving creative work, particularly in higher volume organisations. It keeps everyone on track.

A simple, logical and secure digital process underpins it and everyone is clear on how it works, meaning they can conform to it without any strain on their day. It makes life better.

The enjoyable workflow structure of online proofing software brings consistency to the processes required in getting creative out of the door, adding control as well as efficiency. Using deadlines and reminders to tick things over is a great example of this.

With a proofing system in place, there’s less time sitting around and more creative magic taking place, driving brand equity and sales activation.

“Overall it has had a very positive impact on our proofing workflow and cut costs for us, enabling us to move to an almost completely digital proofing workflow from an intensive print and paper routing routine.”

H. Ancarrow, Furniture, 51-200 employees



We’re sure you can now see where the value lies in online proofing software. Would it work for you? How does this resonate with your own challenges and could it fit in your team?

We’d love to hear from you and dive deeper into your creative journey.

Feel free to reach out.


“I've thoroughly enjoyed working with this software. It's been a lifesaver.”

S. Davis, IT & Services, 11-50 employees

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