Ruler & Arrow Proofing Tools for Collaboration

We've added two new tools to our online proofing software

Would you ever say no to a new online proofing tool? Probably not.

But any new online proofing software tool needs to add value to the process and not just hang off the menu bar hoping for a wake-up call.

That’s why we listened to feedback and took time to consider the two new tools we’ve recently added before rolling them out.

They energise collaborators to give more accurate and insightful feedback on your creative.



This is going to make a megaton of you happy. It’s the Ruler. The single most requested online proofing software tool we’ve had.

The Ruler tool is a single straight line draw across the proof in any direction, measuring the distance between the two cross hairs (sorry, no prizes this time for guessing that).

It makes measuring distances on proofs easy as pie. There are four units of measurement available for collaborators to select:

  • Pixels
  • Inches
  • Millimetres
  • Centimetres

Once the collaborator selects a new one it will remember that for next time. This helps with regional preferences on imperial and metric, for example.

The measurement value is displayed next to the line you draw and in the comment box on the right-hand side when you’re done.

If you need a perfectly straight line you can just hold shift down to lock the line onto the nearest 90-degree axis.

The measurement scale is accurate to the original design document, so you can use the Ruler to get a true impression of how the distance between assets or the length of an asset will feel when the design is in its live environment.

So, your new best buddy the Ruler gives you:

  • Straight line distance measurements across the proof
  • Choice of measurement unit for each collaborator
  • 90-degree axis locking
  • True indication of scale



Many of you are already using the Arrow tool that sneaked into our toolset recently.

For those that haven’t, the Arrow is a fast and clear way to point to a specific area or object on the proof.

It draws the eye to a point or place in a fluid, animated way, creating more of a journey from A to B rather than just highlighting a specific point.

A typical example of using the Arrow would be if you wanted to move a logo or headline down the page a little bit. You would start the arrow under the object and draw it down to the point you wanted the object to move to.

Simple and effective. The perfect recipe!

Thanks for all your feedback on proofing tools. Please send any comments to us on email.


The GoProof Team


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